Correction to Three PPI Industry Indexes for October 2005

The November 15, 2005, release of Producer Price Index (PPI) data for October did not include October index values for three Industry indexes due to a processing error. These index series, Merchant wholesalers, nondurable goods (series id: pcu424—-424—-), Wholesale trade agents and brokers (pcu425—-425—-), and its only component index, Wholesale trade agents and brokers (pcu4251—4251—) appear in Table 4 of the PPI News Release, and in Tables 4 and 5 of the PPI Detailed Report.

Effective December 20, 2005, with the release of data for November, the missing October data for these three indexes were updated with correct preliminary index values and percent changes.

In accord with the usual BLS policy, all PPI data are subject to revision four months after originally published. With the release of February 2006 data, all October 2005 data, including the three indexes above, are subject to revision.

The BLS regrets any inconvenience this may have caused data users. Further information is available from the Section of Index Analysis at (202) 691-7705.


Last Modified Date: December 20, 2005