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Pediatric Clinical Care and Rehabilitation (PCCR) Program

This program focuses on developing research that links PCCR medicine and science to the epidemiology, prevention, and treatment of childhood disabilities. The effort sponsors competitive research on all aspects of PCCR—including critical analyses of outcomes for children who are survivors of trauma, congenital anomalies, neonatal asphyxia, infectious processes, septic shock, and many other less common, but still devastating childhood processes. The PCCR program also provides support for the Pediatric Critical Care Scientist Development Program (PCCSDP), a national faculty training and career development program that develops successful pediatric critical care physician scientists conducting research to enhance the scientific understanding, clinical management, and rehabilitation of pediatric critical illness.

Through this program, the NCMRR supports the Collaborative Pediatric Critical Care Research Network, which serves as a national resource for studying the scientific bases of pediatric critical care medicine.

Contact: Carol Nicholson, M.D.