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Demographic & Behavioral Sciences (DBS) Branch

The mission of the DBS Branch is to improve the health and well-being of individuals, families, and populations by adding to knowledge about human population dynamics and their causes and consequences. The Branch funds demographic, behavioral, and social sciences research on fertility, families, population movement, morbidity and mortality, HIV/AIDS, and population composition. Research on population diversity and change, studies of the consequences of population diversity and change for health and well-being, and research on the interrelationships among individual, family, group, community, and population processes are all central to this mission. To achieve these goals, the Branch fosters innovative and multi-disciplinary research by supporting individual investigators and research teams as well as research training and infrastructure in the population sciences.

The DBSB recently completed a long-range planning activity, which culminated in the Future Directions for the DBSB, which outlines possible future research directions and activities for the Branch for the next four years. This section is part of the Demographic and Behavioral Sciences Branch, NICHD, Report to the NACHHD Council, September 2007.

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