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To find a volunteer opportunity using the USA Freedom Corps Volunteer Network:

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Step 1: Tell us Your Interest.
(Type a keyword(s), select a category of interest, or both.)

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Animals & Environment

Natural Resources, Parks, Nature Centers, Humane Societies, Advocacy Groups

Faith-based Organizations

Leadership Roles, Office Help

Arts & Culture

Appreciation Societies, Theater, Museums, Media, Sports, Recreation


Veterans, Hospitals, Clinics, Outreach Programs, Hospices, Hotlines

Children & Youth

Mentoring, Reading, Coaching, Group Leaders

Human Services

Homelessness, Hunger, Elder Care

Civic & Community

Development Efforts, Employment, Business, Support Groups

Public Safety & Disaster Prep

Citizen Corps, Homeland Security, Emergency Response Training, Relief Efforts

Education & Technology

Tutoring, Camps, Literacy Programs, Libraries

Hurricane Relief & Recovery

Opportunities related to the Hurricane Katrina relief and recovery effort
(Note: many of these postings are for categories of volunteer service and represent multiple volunteer opportunities)

Step 2: Choose Where to Serve

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Step 3:

By clicking this button, you will exit the President’s Volunteer Service Awards site and be redirected to the Network For Good site where your search results will be displayed.

Neither the President’s Volunteer Service Awards, the Corporation for National and Community Service nor the USA Freedom Corps endorse the policies, programs or plans of the organizations listed below, nor can they verify the accuracy or quality of the volunteer opportunities available. The information is provided as a public service to enable the general public to easily find volunteer opportunities in their neighborhood, around the country or abroad.

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