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Choose an emergency contact person outside your area, as it may be easier to call long distance after a local/regional emergency.


Stockyard Photo of Beef Cattle

Local Livestock Preparedness events in London, Kentucky

Dialog With Livestock Owners
Dialog With Livestock Owners
Emergency Preparedness Kits & Promotional Items
Emergency Preparedness
Kits & Promotional Items

When it comes to large livestock, such as cows and horses, there are many challenges to consider when preparing for and responding to emergencies. On September 17 and 18, 2007 the Cumberland Valley Regional Citizen’s Corps, in partnership with the Laurel County Health Department, presented two local Livestock Preparedness events in London, Kentucky.

To assist farmers, pamphlets with tips on barn fire prevention, evacuation planning and sheltering in place were distributed. A large 8x10 photo album was displayed for poultry farmers. The album compared photos of healthy chickens and chickens with clinical signs of Exotic Newcastle Disease and Avian Influenza. Farmers could look at the pictures and the Public Health Epidemiologist/Veterinarian was available to discuss questions related to these diseases. The goal was to increase awareness of Avian Influenza so early reporting could occur and hopefully prevent widespread transmission of the disease.

Farmers Viewing Poultry
Farmers Viewing Poultry
Each farmer received a bag filled with promotional items such as key chains, pens and a hat and University of Kentucky Football posters. Additionally, a drawing was held every thirty minutes for larger gifts donated by local farming businesses, such as garden sprayers and fencing tools. Local livestock owners received valuable disaster planning information for their families and pets such as how to build a family disaster kit and how to write a family emergency plan.

Small agricultural communities are a vital part of the overall food supply for the nation as a whole. The local farmers as well as the owners of the livestock markets expressed a lot of positive feedback and gratitude for the educational materials. The audience was interested in the topics presented, and hopefully, this will become an annual event in our thriving hometown.

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