President's Volunteer Service Award

What is a Record of Service?

A Record of Service is a private journal of your volunteer time and experiences in response to President Bush's call to service. You can keep a record of your activities serving your neighbor, your community, your country and the world. Return as often as you'd like to keep your record of service updated online. To create your Record of Service, follow the four easy steps below. If you already have an account, login here.

Are you under 14 years of age?

Kids under 14 years old can earn the President's Volunteer Service Award by completing 50 or more hours of volunteer service in one year. The sooner you get started, the sooner you will qualify!

Ask your parent, guardian, or teacher to help you keep track of your volunteer hours using our Record of Service Page (PDF), and get started now!

If you are 14 or older, create your Online Record of Service Here
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Step 3:
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Step 4: Click the button below to start recording your volunteer time and experiences.

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