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Three ways to participate:

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    Charities, foundations, and corporate giving programs

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Independent Sector is the only national forum that brings together charities, foundations, and corporate giving programs. Our diverse membership of approximately 600 organizations collectively represents tens of thousands of charitable groups serving every cause across the country and around the world. By connecting, informing, and advocating for the charitable community, Independent Sector provides an indispensable network used by thousands of executives each day to make their organizations more effective.

Here are three reasons for joining this dynamic coalition:

1. IS advocates for public policies that enable the nonprofit community to serve society.

We convene charities, foundations, corporate giving programs, and those who work with them to amplify the nonprofit sector’s voice with legislators, other government officials, and with the media. IS mobilizes the nonprofit community to advocate for public policies that enable it to address the challenges facing America and the world.

2. IS helps the nonprofit community be more effective.

The collective expertise of our members shapes and strengthens nonprofit organizations, both individually and collectively. We help our field advocate for sensible public policies, encourage effective practices, increase accountability, examine trends that affect nonprofit organizations, and address other key issues.

3. IS brings together leaders so they can develop ideas and take action.

IS is the one organization that enables leaders and innovative thinkers from across the nonprofit
community to connect with each other, invent new solutions, share messages, and inspire creativity.
Working together, our impact extends far beyond any one field or organization.

There are three ways to become a part of IS's dynamic coalition:

Members are charities, foundations, and corporations with giving programs that share IS's values and that recognize the nonprofit community is stronger when we work together. To make membership affordable for organizations of all sizes, annual dues are based on size of the organization or its grantmaking budget. Learn more about our dues schedule.

Individual Associates are individuals committed to preserving and strengthening the great American traditions of giving and volunteering, nonprofit initiative, and citizen action. Individual associates may be unaffiliated, or may be affiliated with an organization that is an IS member, or with an organization that is not eligible for full membership in Independent Sector.

Business Associates are for-profit companies -- such as law offices, accounting firms and consultants -- that work the nonprofit arena. These organizations benefit from IS’s knowledge of developments affecting nonprofits, from legislation and regulation to media coverage as well as greater visibility with nonprofits. The cost of becoming a Business Associate is related to the number of professional staff devoted to the firm’s nonprofit practice.

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