Accountability Overview

Panel Report

Panel on the Nonprofit Sector Releases Principles for Good Governance

Improving Practice and Self-Regulation

Strengthening Legislative and Regulatory Oversight Information on Congress, IRS, and State Activities

Public trust is charitable community's single most important asset. Preserving it will ensure that donors continue to give and volunteers share their time and talents. In recent years, the actions by some in the charitable sector have endangered this trust, but the sector as a whole is developing methods that maintain the highest standards of accountability and transparency. Leaders in voluntary and philanthropic organizations are making a continuing commitment to ethical practices and responsible stewardship of resources.

In this section, Independent Sector offers tools, resources, and links to help charities and foundations improve practice and self-regulation, as well as information on proposals being considered by policymakers to strengthen legislative and regulatory oversight.

Independent Sector also encourages members of the nonprofit community to visit the website of the Panel on the Nonprofit Sector, which has just released its Principles for Good Governance and Ethical Practice: A Guide for Charities and Foundations. The Guide outlines 33 practices designed to support board members and staff leaders as they strive to meet high standards of ethics and accountability.

Independent Sector wishes to express its appreciation to the GE Foundation and other donors who supported the development of this area of the IS website.

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