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  Monitoring the global ocean through underwater acoustics
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  Maps and Epicenter Retrieval

hydrophone diagram
Illustration from Nishimura and Conlon, 1994, provided by Clyde Nishimura, Naval Research Laboratory.

SOSUS information:


Epicenter Files:
To obtain epicenter locations, visit the interactive GetPosit page.

The map generation epicenter website, also known as "autochart" is no longer available on our websites.

Epicenters are derived from SOSUS and autonomous hydrophones located in the NE Pacific, equatorial Pacific (EPR) and Mid-Atlantic regions. This data is available via ftp. Please contact for further information.


. Other Options/Sources:         
. RIDGE 2000 data portal .   NSF Ridge Program's multibeam data and maps   
  NOS Data Explorer   images and maps from National Ocean Service
  National Geophysical Data Center   NOAA's repository for geophysical data
  Endeavour Segment GIS   downloadable bathymetry data
  Hawaii Mapping Research Group   MR1data, SSBS data, and data from the EPR
  The Field Museum   On-line Database of Hydrothermal Vent Invertebrates
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