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  Acoustic Monitoring Program: Publications  

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Cont #: 2784
Heimlich, S., D. Mellinger, S. Nieukirk, and C. Fox (2005): Types, distribution, and seasonal occurrence of sounds from Bryde's whales (Balaenoptera edeni) in the eastern tropical Pacific, 1999–2001. J. Acoust. Soc. Am. [Submitted].  

Cont #: 2722
Bohnenstiehl, D.R., R.P. Dziak, M. Tolstoy, C.G. Fox, and M. Fowler (2004): Temporal and spatial history of the 1999–2000 Endeavour Segment seismic series, Juan de Fuca Ridge. Geochem. Geophys. Geosys., 5(9), Q09003, doi: 10.1029/2004GC000735. [PDF Version] 

Cont #: 2687
Chaytor, J.D., C. Goldfinger, R.P. Dziak, and C.G. Fox (2004): Active deformation of the Gorda "Plate": Constraining deformation models with new geophysical data. Geology, 32(4), 353–356. [PDF Version] 

Cont #: 2666
Davis, E., K. Becker, R. Dziak, J. Cassidy, K. Wang, and M. Lilley (2004): Hydrological response to a seafloor spreading episode on the Juan de Fuca Ridge. Nature, 430(6997), 335–338. [PDF Version] 

Cont #: 2571
Dziak, R.P., D.R. Bohnensteihl, H. Matsumoto, C.G. Fox, D.K. Smith, M. Tolstoy, T.-K. Lau, J.H. Haxel, and M.J. Fowler (2004): P- and T-wave detection thresholds, Pn velocity estimate, and detection of lower mantle and core P-waves on ocean sound-channel hydrophones at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Bull. Seismol. Soc. Am., 94(2), 665–677. [PDF Version]

Cont #: 2681
Dziak, R., D. Smith, D. Bohnenstiehl, C. Fox, D. Desbruyeres, H. Matsumoto, M. Tolstoy, and D. Fornari (2004): Evidence of a recent magma dike intrusion at the slow-spreading Lucky Strike segment, Mid-Atlantic Ridge. J. Geophys. Res., 109, B12102, doi: 10.1029/2004JB003141. [PDF Version]

Cont #: 2659
Mellinger, D.K. (2004): A comparison of methods for detecting right whale calls. Can. Acoust., 32(2), 55–65. [PDF Version] 

Cont #: 2519
Mellinger, D.K., K.M. Stafford, and C.G. Fox (2004): Seasonal occurrence of sperm whale (Physeter macrocephalus) sounds in the Gulf of Alaska, 1999–2001. Mar. Mamm. Sci., 20(1), 48–62. [PDF Version] 

Cont #: 2604
Mellinger, D.K., K.M. Stafford, S.E. Moore, L. Munger, and C.G. Fox (2004): Detection of North Pacific right whale (Eubalaena japonica) calls in the Gulf of Alaska. Mar. Mamm. Sci., 20(4), 872–879. [PDF Version] 

Cont #: 2603
Nieukirk, S.L., K.M. Stafford, D.K. Mellinger, R.P. Dziak, and C.G. Fox (2004): Low-frequency whale and seismic airgun sounds recorded from the mid-Atlantic Ocean. J. Acoust. Soc. Am., 115(4), 1832–1843. [PDF Version] 

Cont #:2706
Stafford, K.M., D.R. Bohnenstiehl, M. Tolstoy, E. Chapp, D.K. Mellinger, and S.E. Moore (2004): Antarctic-type blue whale calls recorded at low latitudes in the Indian and the eastern Pacific Oceans. Deep-Sea Res. Pt. I, 51(10), 1337–1346. [PDF Version] 

Cont #: 2594
Smith, D.K., R.P. Dziak, H. Matsumoto, C.G. Fox, and M. Tolstoy (2004): Autonomous hydrophone array monitors seismic activity at northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Eos Trans. Am. Geophys. Union, 85(1), 1–5. [PDF Version]

Cont #: 2577
Bohnenstiehl, D.R., M. Tolstoy, C.G. Fox, R.P. Dziak, E. Chapp, M. Fowler, J. Haxel, C. Fisher, C. Van Hilst, R. Laird, R. Collier, J. Cowen, M. Lilley, K. Simons, S.M. Carbotte, J.R. Reynolds, and C.H. Langmuir (2003): Anomalous seismic activity at 8° 37–42'N on the East Pacific Rise: Hydroacoustic detection and site investigation. Ridge 2000 Events, 1(1), 18–20.  

Cont #: 2520
Bohnenstiehl, D.R., M. Tolstoy, D.K. Smith, C.G. Fox, and R.P. Dziak (2003): Time-clustering behavior of spreading-center seismicity between 15–35° N on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge: Observations from hydroacoustic monitoring. Phys. Earth Planet. Inter., 138(2), 147–161.  

Cont #: 2458
Dziak, R.P., W.W. Chadwick, Jr., C.G. Fox, and R.W. Embley (2003): Hydrothermal temperature changes at the southern Juan de Fuca Ridge associated with a Mw 6.2 Blanco Transform earthquake. Geology, 31(2), 119–122. [PDF Version] 

Cont #: 2586
Matsumoto, H., S. Nieukirk, M. Fowler, J. Haxel, S. Heimlich, D.K. Mellinger, R. Dziak, and C.G. Fox (2004): Sound in the sea: Hands-on experience with NOAA VENTS Program. In Proceedings of Oceans 2003 Marine Technology and Ocean Science Conference, 22–26 September 2003, San Diego, CA, 1565–1571.  

Cont #: 2557
Mellinger, D., and J. Barlow, co-convenors (2003): Future directions for acoustic marine mammal surveys: Stock assessment and habitat use—Report of a workshop held in La Jolla, CA, 20–22 November 2002. NOAA OAR Special Report (PB2003104277), NOAA/OAR/PMEL, Seattle, WA, 38 pp..  [Full Text]

Cont #: 2606
Mellinger, D.K., and C.W. Clark (2003): Blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus) sounds from the North Atlantic. J. Acoust. Soc. Am., 114(2), 1108–1119. [PDF Version] 

Cont #: 2608
Mellinger, D.K., A. Thode, and A. Martinez (2003): Passive acoustic monitoring of sperm whales in the Gulf of Mexico, with a model of acoustic detection distance. In Proceedings of the Twenty-first Annual Gulf of Mexico Information Transfer Meeting, U.S. Department of the Interior, Minerals Management Service, Gulf of Mexico OCS Region, New Orleans, LA, January 2002, 493–501.

Cont #: 2514
Smith, D.K., J. Escartin, M. Cannat, M. Tolstoy, C.G. Fox, D.R. Bohnensteihl, and S. Bazin (2003): Spatial and temporal distribution of seismicity along the northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge (15°–35°N). J. Geophys. Res., 108(B3), 2167, doi: 10.1029/2002JB001964. [PDF Version] 

Cont #: 2576
Tolstoy, M., R. Dziak, M. Holland, M. Lilley, K. Becker, G. Wheat, and J. Cowen (2003): Time critical studies update. Ridge 2000 Events, 1(1), 11–12.  

Cont #: 2609
Thode, A.M., D. Mellinger, and A. Martinez (2003): Depth-dependent behavioral and spectral features of diving sperm whales (Physeter macrocephalus) in the Gulf of Mexico. In Proceedings of the Twenty-first Annual Gulf of Mexico Information Transfer Meeting, U.S. Department of the Interior, Minerals Management Service, Gulf of Mexico OCS Region, New Orleans, LA, January 2002, 503–508.  

Cont #: 2605
Van Parijs, S.M., P.J. Corkeron, J. Harvey, S.A. Hayes, D.K. Mellinger, P.A. Rouget, P.M. Thompson, M. Wahlberg, and K.M. Kovacs (2003): Patterns in the vocalizations of male harbor seals. J. Acoust. Soc. Am., 113(6), 3403–3410. [PDF Version] 

Cont #: 2504
Waite, J.M., K. Wynne, and D.K. Mellinger (2003): Documented sighting of a North Pacific right whale in the Gulf of Alaska and post-sighting acoustic monitoring. Northwestern Nat., 84, 38–43. [PDF Version] 

Cont #: 2422
Bohnenstiehl, D.R., M. Tolstoy, R.P. Dziak, C.G. Fox, and D.K. Smith (2002): Aftershock sequences in the mid-ocean ridge environment: An analysis using hydroacoustic data. Tectonophysics, 354(1–2), 49–70. [PDF Version] 

Cont #: 2004
Charif, R.A., D.K. Mellinger, K.J. Dunsmore, K.M. Fristrup, and C.W. Clark (2002): Estimated source levels of fin whale (Balaenoptera physalus) vocalizations: Adjustments for surface interference. Mar. Mamm. Sci., 18(1), 81–98. [PDF Version] 

Cont #: 2466
Dziak, R.P., and H.P. Johnson (2002): Stirring the oceanic incubator. Science, 296, 1406–1407. [PDF Version] 

Cont #: 2289
Dziak, R.P., and C.G. Fox (2002): Evidence of harmonic tremor from a submarine volcano detected across the Pacific Ocean basin. J. Geophys. Res., 107(B5), 10.1029/2001JB000177. [PDF Version] 

Cont #: 2434
Mellinger, D.K. (2002): Ishmael 1.0 User's Guide. ISHMAEL: Integrated System for Holistic Multi-channel Acoustic Exploration and Localization. NOAA Tech. Memo. OAR PMEL-120 (NTIS PB2002-105264), NOAA/Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory, Seattle, WA, 26 pp. [PDF Version] 

Cont #: 2329
Smith, D.K., M. Tolstoy, C.G. Fox, D.R. Bohnenstiehl, H. Matsumoto, and M.J. Fowler (2002): Hydroacoustic monitoring of seismicity at the slow-spreading mid-Atlantic ridge. Geophys. Res. Lett., 29(12), doi: 10.1029/2001GL01391. [PDF Version]

Cont #: 2005
Thode, A., D.K. Mellinger, S. Stienessen, A. Martinez, and K. Mullin (2002): Depth-dependent acoustic features of diving sperm whales (Physeter macrocephalus) in the Gulf of Mexico. J. Acoust. Soc. Am., 112(1), 308–321. [PDF Version] 

Cont #: 2292
Caplan-Auerbach, A., C.G. Fox, and F.K. Duennebier (2001): Hydroacoustic detection of submarine landslides on Kilauea Volcano. Geophys. Res. Lett., 28(9), 1811–1814. [PDF Version] 

Cont #: 2242
Dziak, R.P., C.G. Fox, A.M. Bobbitt, and C. Goldfinger (2001): Bathymetric map of the Gorda Plate: Structural and geomorphological processes inferred from multibeam surveys. Mar. Geophys. Res., 22(4), 235–250. [PDF Version] 

Cont #: 2321
Fox, C.G., W.W. Chadwick, Jr., and R.W. Embley (2001): Direct observation of a submarine volcanic eruption from a sea-floor instrument caught in a lava flow. Nature, 412, 727–729. [PDF Version] 

Cont #: 2228
Fox, C.G., H. Matsumoto, and T.-K.A. Lau (2001): Monitoring Pacific Ocean seismicity from an autonomous hydrophone array. J. Geophys. Res., 106(B3), 4183–4206. [PDF Version] 

Cont #: 2306
Johnson, H.P., R.P. Dziak, C. Fisher, C.G. Fox, and M.J. Pruis (2001): Earthquakes' impact on hydrothermal systems may be far-reaching. Eos Trans. Am. Geophys. Union, 82(21), 233–236. [PDF Version] 

Cont #: 2248
Stafford, K.M., S.L. Nieukirk, and C.G. Fox (2001): Geographic and seasonal variation of blue whale calls in the North Pacific. J. Cetac. Res. Manage., 3(1), 65–76.  

Cont #: 2219
Tivey, M.K., K. Bemis, A.M. Bradley, D. Butterfield, J.R. Delaney, K. Ding, R.P. Dziak, C. Fisher, C.G. Fox, S. Hautala, D. Jackson, H.W. Jannasch, H.P. Johnson, C. Jones, S.K. Juniper, D.S. Kelley, D. Kadko, M. Lilley, R.E. McDuff, P. Rona, J. Sarrazin, A. Schultz, W.E. Seyfried, Jr., R.E. Thomson, C.G. Wheat, W.S.D. Wilcock, D. Wright, and D. Yoerger (2001): The RIDGE Endeavour Segment seafloor observatory: Recent successes and an overview of coordinated experiments for Y2K. RIDGE Events, 11(1), February 2001, 10–17.   

Cont #: 2204
Fox, C.G. (2000): U.S. NOAA underwater acoustic environmental monitoring efforts. Proceedings of the Fifth European Conference on Underwater Acoustics, ECUA2000, M.E. Zakharia, P. Chevret, and P. Dubail (eds.), Lyon, France, 2000, 749–754.  

Cont #: 1974
Dziak, R.P., C.G. Fox, R.W. Embley, J.L. Nabelek, J. Braunmiller, and R.A. Koski (2000): Recent tectonics of the Blanco Ridge, Eastern Blanco Transform Fault Zone. Mar. Geophys. Res., 21(5), 423–450. [PDF Version] 

Cont #: 2167
Johnson, H.P., H. Hutnak, R.P. Dziak, C.G. Fox, I. Urcuyo, C. Fisher, J.P. Cowen, and J. Nabelek (2000): Earthquake-induced changes in a hydrothermal system at the Endeavour Segment; Juan de Fuca Ridge. Nature, 407, 174–177. [PDF Version] 

Cont #: 1963
Hayes, S.A., D.K. Mellinger, D.A. Croll, D.P. Costa, and J.F. Borsani (2000): An inexpensive passive acoustic system for recording and localizing wild animal sounds. J. Acoust. Soc. Am., 107(6), 3552–3555. [PDF Version] 

Cont #: 1910
Mellinger, D.K., and C.W. Clark (2000): Recognizing transient low-frequency whale sounds by spectrogram correlation. J. Acoust. Soc. Am., 107(6), 3518–3529. [PDF Version] 

Cont #: 2218
Orcutt, J., E. Bernard, C.-S. Chiu, C. Collins, C. deGroot-Hedlin, R. Dziak, C. Fox, W. Hodgkiss, W. Kuperman, J. Mercer, W. Munk, R. Odom, M. Park, D. Soukup, R. Spindel, F. Vernon, and P. Worcester (2000): Long-term observations in acoustics—the Ocean Acoustic Observatory Federation. Oceanography, 13(2), 57–63.

Cont #: 2072
Baker, E.T., C.G. Fox, and J.P. Cowen (1999): In situ observations of the onset of hydrothermal discharge during the 1998 submarine eruption of Axial Volcano, Juan de Fuca Ridge. Geophys. Res. Lett., 26(23), 3445–3448. [PDF Version] 

Cont #: 2078
Dziak, R.P., and C.G. Fox (1999): The January 1998 earthquake swarm at Axial Volcano, Juan de Fuca Ridge: Hydroacoustic evidence of seafloor volcanic activity. Geophys. Res. Lett., 26(23), 3429–3432. [PDF Version] 

Cont #: 2079
Dziak, R.P., and C.G. Fox (1999): Long-term seismicity and ground deformation at Axial Volcano, Juan de Fuca Ridge. Geophys. Res. Lett., 26(24), 3641–3644. [PDF Version] 

Cont #: 2077
Fox, C.G. (1999): In situ ground deformation measurements from the summit of Axial Volcano during the 1998 volcanic episode. Geophys. Res. Lett., 26(23), 3437–3440. [PDF Version] 

Cont #: 2048
Fox, C.G. and A.M. Bobbitt (1999): NOAA Vents Program GIS: Integration, analysis and distribution of multidisciplinary oceanographic data. In Marine and Coastal Geographical Information Systems, D.J. Wright and D.J. Bartlett (eds.), Taylor and Francis, London, 163–176.  

Cont #: 1807
Fox, C.G., and R.P. Dziak (1999): Internal deformation of the Gorda Plate observed by hydroacoustic monitoring. J. Geophys. Res., 104(B8), 17,603–17,615. [PDF Version] 

Cont #: 1972
Slack, P.D., C.G. Fox, and R.P. Dziak (1999): P wave detection thresholds, Pn velocity estimates, and T wave location uncertainty from oceanic hydrophones. J. Geophys. Res., 104(B6), 13,061–13,072. [PDF Version] 

Cont #: 2143
Gisiner, R.C. (ed.) and C.G. Fox et al. (1999): Proceedings of the Workshop on the Effects of Anthropogenic Noise in the Marine Environment. 10–12 February 1998, Marine Mammal Science Program, Office of Naval Research, 141 pp.  

Cont #: 1978
McDonald, M.A., and C.G. Fox (1999): Passive acoustic methods applied to fin whale population density estimation. J. Acoust. Soc. Am., 105(5), 2643–2651. [PDF Version] 

Cont #: 2162
Moore, S.E., M.E. Dahlheim, K.M. Stafford, C.G. Fox, H.W. Braham, M.A. McDonald, and J. Thomason (1999): Acoustic and visual detection of large whales in the eastern North Pacific Ocean. U.S. Dep. Commer., NOAA Tech. Memo. NMFS-AFSC-107, 27 pp.

Cont #: 2070
Stafford, K.M., S.L. Nieukirk, and C.G. Fox (1999): An acoustic link betweeen blue whales in the eastern tropical Pacific and the northeast Pacific. Mar. Mamm. Sci., 15(4), 1258–1268. [PDF Version]

Cont #: 2091
Stafford, K.M., S.L. Nieukirk, and C.G. Fox (1999): Low-frequency whale sounds recorded on hydrophones moored in the eastern tropical Pacific. J. Acoust. Soc. Am., 106(6), 3687–3698

Cont #: 1971
Baker, E.T., J.P. Cowen, C.G. Fox, and The Axial Response Team (1998): Axial Volcano awakes: Preliminary report of the detection of and response to the January, 1998, eruption at Axial Volcano, Juan de Fuca Ridge. RIDGE Events, 9(1), 1–5.

Cont #: 1870
Fox, C.G. and R.P. Dziak (1998): Hydroacoustic detection of volcanic activity on the Gorda Ridge, February–March 1996. Deep-Sea Res. II, 45(12), 2513–2530.

Cont #: 1842
Moore, S.E., K.M. Stafford, M.E. Dahlheim, C.G. Fox, H.W. Braham, J.J. Polovina, and D.E. Bain (1998): Seasonal variation in reception of fin whale calls at five geographic areas in the north Pacific. Mar. Mamm. Sci., 14(3), 617–627.  

Cont #: 1832
Stafford, K.M., C.G. Fox, and D.S. Clark (1998): Long-range detection and localization of blue whale calls in the northeast Pacific Ocean. J. Acoust. Soc. Am., 104(6), 3616–3625. [PDF Version] 

Cont. # 1641
Dziak, R.P., C.G. Fox, H. Matsumoto, and A.E. Schreiner (1997): The April 1992 Cape Mendocino earthquake sequence: Seismo-acoustic analysis utilizing fixed hydrophone arrays. Marine Geophysical Researches, 19, 137-162. [FY97]

Cont #: 1836
Thomason, J., M. Dahlheim, S.E. Moore, H. Braham, K. Stafford, and C. Fox (1997): Acoustic investigations of large cetaceans off Oregon and Washington: NOAA Ship Surveyor (21 July–1 August 1994). NMML/PMEL 1994 IUSS Field Experiment, Final Report, January 1997, 27 pp.

Cont. # 1688
Dziak, R.P., C.G. Fox, R.W. Embley, J.E. Lupton, G.C. Johnson, W.W. Chadwick, and R.A. Koski (1996): Detection of and response to a probable volcanogenic T-wave event swarm on the western Blanco Transform Fault Zone. Geophysical Research Letters, 23(8), 873-876. [FY96]

Cont #: 1752
NOAA Staff : Monitoring whales in the eastern north Pacific Ocean using Navy hydrophone arrays: A pilot study. Final Report to Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command, Integrated Underwater Surveillance System (IUSS) Pilot Study, 24 May 1996, 48 pp. + appendices.  

Cont #: 1754
NOAA Staff : National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) NMML/PMEL 1995 IUSS Field Experiment: Auriga Cruise, 14 June 1996. Final Report to Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command, Integrated Underwater Surveillance System (IUSS) Field Experiment, 54 pp. + appendix

Cont #: 1474 Fox, C.G. (1996): Objective classification of oceanic ridge-crest terrains using two-dimensional spectral models of bathymetry: Application to the Juan de Fuca Ridge. Mar. Geophys. Res., 18, 707–728.  

Cont #: 1618
Fox, C.G., and J.P. Cowen (1996): Northern Gorda Ridge: Event detection and response 1996. RIDGE Events, 7(2), 1–4.

Cont. # 1527
Dziak, R.P., C.G. Fox, and A.E. Schreiner (1995): The June-July 1993 seismo-acoustic event at CoAxial segment, Juan de Fuca Ridge: Evidence for a lateral dike injection. Geophysical Research Letters, 22(2), 135-138. [FY95]

Cont. # 1615
Embley, R.W., and C.G. Fox (1995): Detection and response to volcanic/hydrothermal events on the mid-ocean ridge. U.S. National Report to International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics 1991-1994, Reviews of Geophysics, Supplement, 1307-1310. [FY95]

Cont. # 1526
Fox, C.G., W.E. Radford, R.P. Dziak, T.-K. Lau, H. Matasumoto, and A.E. Schreiner (1995): Acoustic detection of a seafloor spreading episode on the Juan de Fuca Ridge using military hydrophone arrays. Geophysical Research Letters, 22(2), 131-134. [FY95]

Cont. # 1601
Fox, C.G. (1995): Special collection on the June 1993 volcanic eruption on the CoAxial segment, Juan de Fuca Ridge. Geophysical Research Letters, 22(2), 129-130. [FY95]

Cont. # 1529
Schreiner, A.E., C.G. Fox, and R.P. Dziak (1995): Spectra and magnitudes of T-waves from the 1993 earthquake swarm on the Juan de Fuca Ridge. Geophysical Research Letters, 22(2), 139-142. [FY95]

Cont. # 1472
Sohn, R.A., J.A. Hildebrand, S.C. Webb, and C.G. Fox (1995): Hydrothermal microseismicity at the Megaplume site on the southern Juan de Fuca Ridge. Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, 85(3), 775-786. [FY95]

Cont. # 1459
Embley, R.W., R.A. Feely, and J.E. Lupton (1994): Introduction to special section on volcanic and hydrothermal processes on the southern Juan de Fuca Ridge. Journal of Geophysical Research, 99(B3), 4735-4740. [FY94]

Cont. # 1345
Fox, C.G., R.P. Dziak, H. Matsumoto, and A.E. Schreiner (1993): Potential for monitoring low-level seismicity on the Juan de Fuca Ridge using military hydrophone arrays. MTS Journal, 27(4), 22-30. [FY94]

Cont. # 1501
Fox, C.G., and S.R. Hammond (1993): The VENTS Program T-Phase Project and NOAA's role in ocean environmental research. MTS Journal, 27(4), 70-74. [FY94]


Cont. # 1394
Fox, C.G. (1991): NOAA plans for monitoring the northeast Pacific using fixed hydrophone arrays. In: Characterization of mid-ocean ridge earthquake activity using acoustic data from U.S. Navy permanent hydrophone arrays, Proceedings of a RIDGE Working Group Meeting, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, April 23-24, 1991, 48-64. [FY91]

Cont. # 1246
Hammond, S., E. Baker, E. Bernard, G. Massoth, C. Fox, R. Feely, R. Embley, P. Rona and G. Cannon (1991): NOAA's VENTS program targets oceanic hydrothermal effects. Eos, Trans. AGU, 72(50), 561, 565-566. [FY92]

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