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What You Can Do to Protect Children from Environmental Risks

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Tips En Español
Tips in Vietnamese (PDF) (2 pp, 101K)
Tips in Chinese (Word, 36K or PDF, 2 pp, 296K)
Tips in Korean (Word) (2 pp, 33K)

EPA welcomes the opportunity to work with other individuals, companies, and organizations to encourage environmentally responsible actions in honor of Children's Health Month. Review some fast facts on children’s environmental health.

If you're a teen who wants to learn more about environmental health issues and do some fun activities to spread the word about how to protect yourself and your friends from harm, read Live, Learn, Play — Tune Into Your Health and Environment (October 2004) - available in HTML format or PDF Format (36 pp, 2MB).

Help children breathe easier

Protect children from lead poisoning

Keep pesticides and other toxic chemicals away from children

Protect children from carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning

Protect children from contaminated fish and polluted water

Safeguard children from high levels of radon

Protect children from too much sun

Keep children and mercury apart

Promote healthier communities

To order Tips (5.75" X 9.75" or Growth Chart formats), please call 1-800-490-9198 or order via the Internet at: www.epa.gov/ncepihom. The publication numbers for these documents are:

Tips (5.75" X 9.75" Spanish and English) EPA 100-F-02-004
Growth Chart (English) EPA 100-F-04-013
Growth Chart (Spanish) EPA 100F-04-012

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