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System Requirements:
Microsoft® Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows Vista®

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The Original WinZip!

Version: Language: File Size:
12.0 (Build 8252) English 13.9MB
Please Note: WinZip 12.0 is not a free upgrade for users running WinZip 11.2 or earlier.

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Attention Registered Users:

Registered users of WinZip 11.0 looking for WinZip 11.2 can download the free update now.

Registered users of WinZip 10.0 looking for Build 7245 can learn how to download the free update now.

WinZip 12.0 is not a free upgrade for users running WinZip 11.2 or earlier. If you're a registered user of a previous version of WinZip, please note that you are about to overwrite your registered copy with an evaluation version of WinZip 12.0. You will need a new registration code.

See the WinZip Upgrade Information page for more details about upgrading to the latest version of WinZip at 50% off the regular list price.

If you want to try WinZip 12.0 before purchasing the upgrade, please open WinZip, select "About WinZip" from the "Help" menu and record your name and registration number. This will allow you to reinstall your previous (registered) version, should you decide not to upgrade. If you own a multi-user license, please make a backup copy of your WinZip subfolder in the Windows Common AppData folder before downloading the trial version of WinZip 12.0.

Thank you for supporting WinZip!