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Special Information On R03s, R21s, And R34s During Transition To Electronic Submission

NIMH accepts R03, R21 and R34 applications in all research areas appropriate to its mission. If you have any questions concerning suitability of a research project for NIMH support, we strongly encourage you to contact the appropriate NIMH program officer by reviewing the information on the NIMH Extramural Research Programs page (

For the June 1, 2006 deadline and beyond, NIH will accept ONLY electronic submissions of R03, R21, and R34 grant applications, regardless of the announcements from which they are solicited. NO PAPER APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED. As we approach that transition, NIMH reiterates its support for these grant mechanisms in all areas of research that are within the NIMH mission.

NIMH is a sponsor on the general NIH-wide program announcements for the R21 and R03: PA-06-180 and PA-06-181: NIMH has issued its own R34 announcement: PAR-06-248. The link to the electronic grant application can be found in these announcements, and MUST be used for the R03, R21 or R34.

However, the targeted research areas in which we are seeking grants will not be specified in the above announcements. In order to further specify the research areas in which we are particularly seeking these kinds of grant applications, the links below, to "content" area announcements are given. While these announcements can guide you in understanding our particular research interests and would be a good reference for you as you assemble your application, the actual electronic application will need to be submitted through the mechanism announcements noted above.

To help us identify the "content" area announcements, listed below, to which you are responding in your R03, R21 or R34, please refer to that announcement in your abstract.

(Also note, we will continue to have a number of individual R21, R03 and R34 mechanism specific announcements, besides the NIH-wide announcements. You should be able to distinguish these easily, since the mechanism will likely be listed in the title of the announcements. For these, you can electronically apply, directly.)

NIMH accepts applications in all research areas.