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Harvard Study Suggests Significant Prevalence of ADHD Symptoms Among Adults
April 1, 2006 • Science Update
A recent NIMH-funded survey tracking the prevalence of attention deficit/hyperactivity symptoms found that an estimated 4.4 percent of adults ages 18-44 in the United States experience symptoms and some disability.
ADHD Medication Use Held Steady in Recent Years
April 1, 2006 • Science Update
The results of a study conducted by researchers at the Agency of Healthcare Research Quality and the National Institutes of Health’s National Institute of Mental Health indicate that the prevalence of stimulant use among U.S. children for treating symptoms of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) remained relatively constant between 1997 and 2002.
Studies Offer New Information About Treatment Choices for Schizophrenia — Phase 2 Results
April 1, 2006 • Science Update
A national clinical trial comparing clozapine with other new-generation antipsychotic medications for the treatment of chronic schizophrenia has shown that people who switched to clozapine from their first medication because it failed to manage symptoms adequately were twice as likely to continue treatment as patients who switched to other antipsychotic medications.
Cortex Matures Faster in Youth with Highest IQ
March 29, 2006 • Press Release
Youth with superior IQ are distinguished by how fast the thinking part of their brains thickens and thins as they grow up, researchers at NIMH have discovered.
New Strategies Help Depressed Patients Become Symptom-Free
March 23, 2006 • Press Release
Results of the nation’s largest depression study show that one in three depressed patients who previously did not achieve remission using an antidepressant became symptom-free with the help of an additional medication and one in four achieved remission after switching to a different antidepressant.
Aggression-Related Gene Weakens Brain’s Impulse Control Circuits
March 20, 2006 • Press Release
A version of a gene previously linked to impulsive violence appears to weaken brain circuits that regulate impulses, emotional memory and thinking in humans, researchers at NIMH have found.
Maintenance Treatment Prevents Recurrence in Older Adults with Single-Episode Depression
March 16, 2006 • Press Release
People age 70 and older who continued taking the antidepressant that helped them to initially recover from their first episode of depression were 60 percent less likely to experience a new episode of depression over a two-year study period than those who stopped taking the medication, according to a study funded by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), part of the National Institutes of Health.
Gene Influences Antidepressant Response
March 15, 2006 • Press Release
Whether depressed patients will respond to an antidepressant depends, in part, on which version of a gene they inherit, a study led by scientists at NIH has discovered. Having two copies of one version of a gene that codes for a component of the brain’s mood―regulating system increased the odds of a favorable response to an antidepressant by up to 18 percent, compared to having two copies of the other, more common version.
Depression Model Leaves Mice with Molecular Scar
February 27, 2006 • Press Release
In addition to triggering a depression-like social withdrawal syndrome, repeated defeat by dominant animals leaves a mouse with an enduring “molecular scar” in its brain that could help to explain why depression is so difficult to cure, suggest researchers funded by NIMH.
Lithium Blocks Enzyme To Help Cells’ Clocks Keep On Tickin’
February 17, 2006 • Science Update
NIMH-funded researchers have discovered how lithium likely fixes body clocks gone awry, stabilizing sleep-wake cycles and other daily rhythms disturbed along with mood in bipolar disorder.
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