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Stress: Brain Yields Clues About Why Some Succumb While Others Prevail
October 18, 2007 • Press Release
Results of a new study may one day help scientists learn how to enhance a naturally occurring mechanism in the brain that promotes resilience to psychological stress. Researchers funded by NIMH found that, in a mouse model, the ability to adapt to stress is driven by a distinctly different molecular mechanism than is the tendency to be overwhelmed by stress.
National Survey Tracks Prevalence of Personality Disorders in U.S. Population
October 18, 2007 • Science Update
NIMH-funded researchers recently reported that roughly nine percent of U.S. adults have a personality disorder as defined by the fourth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or DSM-IV. Many people with personality disorders were also found to have co-occurring major mental disorders.
How Schizophrenia Develops: Major Clues Discovered
October 17, 2007 • Press Release
Schizophrenia may occur, in part, because of a problem in an intermittent on/off switch for a gene involved in making a key chemical messenger in the brain, scientists have found in a study of human brain tissue.
New Social Neuroscience Grants to Help Unravel Autism, Anxiety Disorders
October 10, 2007 • Science Update
How genes and the environment shape the brain circuitry underlying social behavior is among the questions being addressed by three newly NIMH-funded studies.
Bipolar Disorder Phenome Database May Aid Search for Related Genes
October 2, 2007 • Science Update
Early findings from the recently launched Bipolar Disorder Phenome Database were published in the August 2007 issue of the American Journal of Psychiatry.
Depressed Adolescents Respond Best to Combination Treatment
October 1, 2007 • Press Release
A combination of psychotherapy and antidepressant medication appears to be the most effective treatment for adolescents with major depressive disorder—more than medication alone or psychotherapy alone.
Mental Disorders Account for Large Percentage of Adult Role Disability
October 1, 2007 • Science Update
An NIMH-funded study finds that more than half of U.S. adults have a mental or physical condition that prevents them from working or conducting their usual duties (e.g., role disability) for several days each year, and a large portion of those days can be attributed to mental disorders.
Scientists May Have Found Long-Pursued Binding Site for Antidepressants
September 28, 2007 • Science Update
NIMH-funded scientists have a major new clue as to where the long-pursued binding site for commonly used antidepressants – potentially the site that triggers the medications’ effects – may be on brain cells. The finding could lead to better medications for depression, but also has important implications for other mental illnesses because it addresses a biological flaw that a number of them share.
Genes Linked to Suicidal Thinking During Antidepressant Treatment
September 27, 2007 • Press Release
Specific variations in two genes are linked to suicidal thinking that sometimes occurs in people taking the most commonly prescribed class of antidepressants, according to a large study led by scientists at NIMH. Depending on the particular mix inherited, these versions increased the likelihood of such thoughts from 2- to15-fold, the study found.
Workplace Depression Screening, Outreach and Enhanced Treatment Improves Productivity, Lowers Employer Costs
September 26, 2007 • Press Release
Enhanced and systematic efforts to identify and treat depression in the workplace significantly improves employee health and productivity, likely leading to lower costs overall for the employer, according to a study published September 26, 2007, in the Journal of the American Medical Association.
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