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International Epidemiologic Database to Evaluate AIDS (IeDEA)

The NICHD Pediatric, Adolescent, and Maternal AIDS (PAMA) Branch supports the pediatric component of the IeDEA to allow the inclusion of data from children in the project studies. Primary support for the IeDEA comes from the National Institute on Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

IeDEA is a collaborative group of seven international regional data centers—four in Africa (West, Central, East and South) and one each in Asia, Central/South America/Caribbean, and North America—that allow the collection and harmonization of data on a global basis. In addition, the initiative includes the establishment of an international research consortium. Through these data centers and consortium, researchers will address unique and evolving research questions in HIV/AIDS that individual cohorts are unable to address.

Researchers involved in the IeDEA are collecting high-quality data throughout the world; PAMA Branch support will enable the researchers to include many of the estimated 2.3 million children worldwide who are living with HIV infection, and the 700,000 who are born infected with HIV each year. The project provides a means to establish and implement methodology to effectively pool the collected data, providing a cost-effective means of generating large datasets to address the high priority research questions related to children.

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