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NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory
Engineering Development Division


  • Electronics Lab - Well equipped electronics workspaces in the PMEL research building foster innovations and support a broad range of activities associated with new developments.

  • Instrument Shop - Home of the PMEL instrument pool with over 100 current meters, 200 acoustic releases, 6 full ocean CTD systems, water sampling equipment, LBL acoustic navigation instrumentation, transponders, pingers, etc.

  • Machine/Fabrication Shop - The well staffed and complete shop facility supports all development and maintenance activities for the Laboratory. Equipment includes manual and NC mills and lathes, TIG and MIG welding facilities, pressure testing facilities (up to 10,000 psi), and an extensive inventory of tooling and materials.

  • Mooring Shop - Large indoor spaces are dedicated to the preparation of buoys, mooring lines, and hardware in support of all field programs. The experienced technical staff prepares ships, and deploy over 200 oceanographic moorings each year. Precision line measuring equipment, a cable pull test machine, dynamic line testing machine and a large wind tunnel for sensor calibration are housed in these spaces.

  • Work Boat - The S.P. Hayes is a 38 foot aluminum workboat with twin 671 diesels, a stout A-frame, hydraulic winches, a 6 KW generator, GPS, digital charts, marine radios, radar, dive ladder, and a life raft. The boat is used in Lake Washington and Puget Sound to test and evaluate instruments and mooring systems under development. Click to see work boat photo.