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Cold, Unfeeling Traits Linked to Distinctive Brain Patterns in Kids with Severe Conduct Problems
February 20, 2008 • Science Update
The callous, unemotional characteristics of some children and adolescents who bully or steal or have other severely disruptive behavior problems may have partial roots in a brain area called the amygdala.
Genetic Variation May Influence Response to Depression Treatment
February 20, 2008 • Science Update
Variations in a gene known as TREK1 may explain some forms of treatment-resistant major depression, according to a new study analyzing genetic data.
Tomorrow’s Antidepressants: Skip the Serotonin Boost?
February 14, 2008 • Science Update
Even when serotonin levels stayed low, scientists were able to correct abnormal, mental-illness-like behaviors in mice by blocking an enzyme called GSK3ß. The finding adds evidence that molecular targets other than serotonin may lead to better and faster medications for some mental illnesses.
Team Care for Depressed Older Adults Cuts Overall Medical Costs
February 14, 2008 • Science Update
A team approach to depression treatment for older adults, already shown to be effective, is also less expensive than usual care.
Gene Variants Protect Against Adult Depression Triggered by Childhood Stress
February 4, 2008 • Press Release
Certain variations in a gene that helps regulate response to stress tend to protect adults who were abused in childhood from developing depression. Adults who had been abused but didn’t have the variations in the gene had twice the symptoms of moderate to severe depression, compared to those with the protective variations.
Mental Disorders Persist Among Hurricane Katrina Survivors
January 24, 2008 • Science Update
More residents affected by Hurricane Katrina are enduring mental disorders than was initially determined a few months after the storm.
Faster-Acting Medications for Bipolar Disorder’s Manic Phase May Be Feasible
January 23, 2008 • Science Update
Scientists may be able to develop faster-acting medications for the manic phase of bipolar disorder, new research shows.
Research-based Principles May Help Improve Mental Health Recovery Following Mass Trauma
January 14, 2008 • Science Update
Experts on trauma-related research and medical practices from around the world recently identified five principles to guide mental health care efforts immediately or shortly after a mass trauma, such as a natural disaster or terrorist attack.
Autism Risk Higher in People with Gene Variant
January 10, 2008 • Press Release
Scientists have found a variation in a gene that may raise the risk of developing autism, especially when the variant is inherited from mothers rather than fathers.
Mood Disorders Predict Later Substance Abuse Problems
January 9, 2008 • Science Update
People with manic symptoms and bipolar disorder type II are at significant risk of later developing an alcohol abuse or dependence problem, a long-term study conducted in Switzerland confirms.
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