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Gene Variant Linked to Schizophrenia
January 23, 2007 • Science Update
A gene implicated in schizophrenia in adults has now also been linked to schizophrenia in children for the first time, strengthening evidence that the gene plays a role in the disease.
U.S.-born Children of Immigrants May Have Higher Risk for Mental Disorders Than Parents
January 17, 2007 • Science Update
In the first studies to examine the effects of immigration and years of residence on the mental health of Caribbean Black, Latino, and Asian populations in the United States, NIMH-funded researchers found that immigrants in general appear to have lower rates of mental disorders than their U.S.-born counterparts.
History of Childhood Abuse or Neglect Increases Risk of Major Depression
January 3, 2007 • Science Update
People who were abused or neglected as children have increased risk of major depression, which often begins in childhood and has lingering effects as they mature, according to a study funded by NIMH.
Different Families, Different Characteristics — Different Kinds of Bipolar Disorder?
January 3, 2007 • Science Update
People with bipolar disorder (BPD) tend to share similarities in certain characteristics with other members of their families, NIMH-funded researchers have shown.
Experience Sculpts Brain Circuitry to Build Resiliency to Stress
December 21, 2006 • Press Release
It’s long been known that experiencing control over a stressor immunizes a rat from developing a depression-like syndrome when it later encounters stressors that it can’t control.
Landmark Council Session Spotlights “Real World” Trials
December 21, 2006 • Science Update
Principal investigators of NIMH's four large-scale clinical trials presented study results and their implications at the National Advisory Mental Health Council meeting on September 15, 2006.
New Data on Suicidal Behaviors in Black Americans May Guide Interventions
December 13, 2006 • Science Update
The prevalence of attempted suicide among black Americans is higher than previously reported, but near the levels reported for the general population.
Receptor Helps Neurons Grow in Right Direction
December 12, 2006 • Science Update
Researchers have discovered a receptor for a key protein that helps guide certain nerve cells into the correct position as the nervous system develops — a vital part of a process that enables the brain to receive sensory input from the environment and to send messages to the rest of the body via the spinal cord.
Broad HIV Screening Valuable Even in Communities with Low Infection Rates
December 5, 2006 • Science Update
An HIV/AIDS screening program may be cost-effective even in communities where the infection rate and the prevalence of the disease are very low and among populations at low risk for HIV infection, according to an NIMH-funded study published December 5, 2006, in the Annals of Internal Medicine.
Brain’s Fear Center Likely Shrinks in Autism’s Most Severely Socially Impaired
December 4, 2006 • Press Release
The brain’s fear hub likely becomes abnormally small in the most severely socially impaired males with autism spectrum disorders, researchers funded by the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) and National Institute on Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) have discovered.
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