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New Research to Help People with Mental Disorders Quit Smoking
April 4, 2008 • Science Update
A new grant funded by NIMH will develop an intervention designed to help people with serious mental illness (SMI) quit smoking.
Paying More for Prescriptions May Limit Seniors’ Access to Antidepressants
April 2, 2008 • Science Update
New cost-sharing policies may prevent some older adults diagnosed with depression from filling new antidepressant prescriptions.
Primary Care Doctors May Overlook Elderly Patients’ Mental Health
February 25, 2008 • Science Update
Doctors spend little time discussing mental health issues with their older patients and rarely refer them to a mental health specialist even if they show symptoms of severe depression.
Team Care for Depressed Older Adults Cuts Overall Medical Costs
February 14, 2008 • Science Update
A team approach to depression treatment for older adults, already shown to be effective, is also less expensive than usual care.
Hurricane Katrina Survivors Lack Access to Mental Health Services
December 17, 2007 • Science Update
The majority of Hurricane Katrina survivors who developed mental disorders after the disaster are not receiving the mental health services they need, and many who were receiving mental health care prior to the hurricane were not able to continue with treatment.
Workplace Depression Screening, Outreach and Enhanced Treatment Improves Productivity, Lowers Employer Costs
September 26, 2007 • Press Release
Enhanced and systematic efforts to identify and treat depression in the workplace significantly improves employee health and productivity, likely leading to lower costs overall for the employer, according to a study published September 26, 2007, in the Journal of the American Medical Association.
Global Survey Reveals Significant Gap in Meeting World's Mental Health Care Needs
September 6, 2007 • Press Release
Mental disorders rank among the top ten illnesses causing disability—more than 37 percent worldwide—with depression being the leading cause of disability among people ages 15 and older, according to the Global Burden of Disease and Risk Factors published in 2006.
New Research to Help Youth with Mental Disorders Transition to Adulthood
September 5, 2007 • Science Update
As young people with mental health disorders transition from adolescence to adulthood, they frequently face new and difficult challenges such as the loss of state-issued benefits like Medicaid and foster care, or loss of family-based insurance coverage. Unfortunately, many are not prepared for the abrupt transition and may not be able to effectively manage their disorder on their own.
New Research to Study Program that Improves Police Interactions with Mentally Ill
July 12, 2007 • Science Update
A new grant funded by NIMH will examine the effectiveness and utility of a program designed to improve police interactions with people who have mental disorders.
New Study Will Examine Effects of Excluding Anti-anxiety Medications in Medicare Part D Coverage
June 22, 2007 • Science Update
A new research grant funded by NIMH will examine the costs and benefits of excluding a commonly prescribed class of anti-anxiety medications—benzodiazepines—from coverage in the new Medicare Part D program.
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