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Prevention Research and International Programs (PRIP)

The PRIP Office, established in 1998, aims to improve health worldwide by providing leadership, coordination, and support for the NICHD’s global heath mission and activities in collaboration with NICHD’s Centers and Divisions, other NIH entities, and national and global health partners.  The Office accomplishes its mission and tasks, on behalf of the Director of NICHD, through:

  • Policy and program coordination, advocacy, identifying and mobilizing resources and opportunities, and building partnerships.
  • Providing leadership in the development of cross-cutting policy, plans, and programs related to NICHD’s global health interests.
  • Assisting the NICHD in enhancing its international research portfolios and other global health activities.
PRIP Office staff provides overall coordination, and direction for global activities by:
  • Serving on the NIH International Representatives’ Committee
  • Acting as liaison to federal and non-federal agencies on global health issues
  • Facilitating new and enhanced research opportunities and fostering partnerships to support NICHD’s global research initiatives.
  • Identifying resources for accomplishing NICHD’s global research agenda.
  • Sponsoring workshops and conferences on issues related to scientific research in international settings.
  • Co-chairing with NIAID the NIH Extramural Program Management Committee Workgroup on Foreign Awards.
  • Coordinating with WHO the International Interest Group of the National Children’s Study
  • Serving on the WHO Technical Advisory Group on Nutrition and HIV
  • Chairing the NIH Nutrition Coordinating Committee’s Subcommittee on International Nutrition Research (SCINR)
  • Serving as Secretariat for the Indo-U.S. Joint Working Groups on Contraception and Reproductive

    For more information, contact:
    Office of Prevention Research and International Programs (PRIP)
    6100 Executive Blvd., Room 2A01, MSC 7510
    Bethesda, MD  20892-7510
    Phone   +01 301-435-7565 (main office number)
    Fax       +01 301-435-0009

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Dr Danuta Krotoski
Health Scientist Administrator
6100 Executive Blvd Room 2A01, MSC 7510
Rockville, MD 20852
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Rockville Md 20852
Phone: 301-435-7566
Fax: 031-435-0009