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NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory
Engineering Development Division

NOAA PMEL Engineering Personnel

Photo of engineering personnel

Outline of personnel

1. Patrick Mclain Electronics Engineer
2. Brent Pounds Ocean Engineer
3. Noah Lawrence-Slavas Ocean Engineer
4. Randy Bott Physical Sci. Technician
5. Micheal Strick Rigger Worker
6. Andrew Meyer Machinist
7. Stephen Smith Rigger Worker
8. Robert Gliege Ocean Engineer
9. Scott Stalin Deputy Division Leader
10. Christian Meinig
Division Leader
11. Hendrick MIller Supv. Engineering Tech
12. Bob Trask Rigger Worker
13. Dennis Holzer Instrument Maker Supv.
14. Dirk Tagawa Electronic Technician
15. Michael Craig Rigger Worker
16. Tim Nesseth Rigger Worker
17. John Shanley Instrument Maker
18. Jeff Harmon Machinist
19. NIck Delich Physical Sci. Technician