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Further Resources in History of Medicine

Below are listed a variety of resources useful for research in the History of Medicine.

Short Publications by History of Medicine Division

  • American Contributions to Cardiovascular Medicine and Surgery, 1986 (pdf)
  • American Contributions to the New Age of Dental Research, 1988 (pdf)
  • Arcana Alphanumerica Or, the Secrets of HMD Call Numbers Revealed, 1992 (pdf)
  • The Art of Learning Medicine, 1970 (pdf)
  • The Art of Medicine at the 21st Century, 1994 (pdf)
  • Aviation Medicine, from the Aeronauts to the eve of the astronauts, 1979 (pdf)
  • A Biomedical Index to the Correspondence of Rene Descartes, 1986 (pdf)
  • Catalog of an Exhibit in Honor of the Sesquicentennial of the Birth of Louis Pasteur, 1973 (pdf)
  • A Celebration of Public Health Nursing in the United States, 1893-1993 (pdf)
  • Cesarean Section--A Brief History, 1993 (pdf)
  • A Century of American Physiology, 1987 (pdf)
  • Educating Physicians in the Nineteenth Century, 1988 (pdf)
  • The Emergence of Experimental Embryology in the United States, 1990 (pdf)
  • The Emergence of Modern Child Health Care in America, 1972 (pdf)
  • The Extravagant Georges Fattet: Caricature and French Dentistry, 1991 (pdf)
  • Fevers, Agues, and Cures: Medical Life in Old Virginia 1991(pdf)
  • Highlights in Medicolegal Relations, 1968 (pdf)
  • Historic Hospitals of Europe, 1200-1981, 1985 (pdf)
  • Images of Hospital Pharmacy in America, 1992 (pdf)
  • Library/Information Services Sponsored by the Regional Medical Programs, 1991 (pdf)
  • The Los Angeles County Hospital-through the Eyes of the Artist, 1981 (pdf)
  • Louis Pasteur 1822-1895, 1973(pdf)
  • Medical Incunabula and the Diffusion of Scientific Knowledge, 1984 (pdf)
  • Medicine and the Naturalist Tradition, 1989 (pdf)
  • Medicine and Music, 1977? (pdf)
  • Medicine of the American Indians, 1971 (pdf)
  • Medicine of the Civil War, 1973 (pdf)
  • Medicine on the Early Western Frontier, 1978 (pdf)
  • Mental Disease Moving Images Pre-1950 at the National Library of Medicine,(pdf)
  • Mind And Body: Rene Descartes to William James 1992 (pdf)
  • National Library of Medicine's Motion Pictures and Videocassettes, about the Public Health Service and Its Agencies, 1998 (pdf)
  • The New Age of Health Laboratories 1885-1915, 1987 (pdf)
  • New Frontiers in Health Communication, 1986 (pdf)
  • Paracelsus, Five Hundred Years, 1993 (pdf)
  • The Physician as Artist: An Exhibit of Selected Works by Meyer M. Melicow, 1975 (pdf)
  • Pre-Columbian Medicine: Historical Sources, 1981 (pdf)
  • The Prints and Photographs Collection of the National Library of Medicine (pdf)
  • Prints Relating to Dentistry, 1967 (pdf)
  • The Public Health Act, 1848 (pdf)
  • Public Health in New York City in the Late Nineteenth Century, 1990 (pdf)
  • A Quatercentenary Exhibit, Conrad Gesner, Physician, Scholar, Scientist 1516-1565, 1965 (pdf)
  • To Your Health: An Exhibition of Posters for Contemporary Public Health Issues, 1990 (pdf)
  • The United States Public Health Service: An Historical Bibliography of Selected Sources, 1998 (pdf)
  • Witchcraft and Medicine (1484-1793), 1974 (pdf)
  • Wood's Library of Standard Medical Authors, 1879-1886: A checklist, 1985 (pdf)
  • Writing on Hands: Memory and Knowledge in Early Modern Europe (pdf)

Web Resources in the History of Medicine (Non-NLM)

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