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Apollo 11 earthrise

Take the trip through time and space to learn about Marshall's contributions to the space program.

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Enabling Exploration

Ares vehicles collage

Marshall develops and manages space exploration vehicles and hardware to explore beyond low Earth orbit.

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Scientific Discovery

Dr. Lisa Monaco, project scientist for the Lab-on-a-Chip Applications Development program, examines a prototype chip.

Marshall develops, builds, and manages spacecraft and instruments, and performs research that enables scientific discovery in space and benefits life on Earth.

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Marshall Space Flight Center: Home to Science and Space Exploration

    Artist concept of solar system Artist concept of our solar system. Image Credit: NASA
    From the mighty roar of rocket engines to extraordinary scientific discoveries about our universe, Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama is enabling the nation’s exploration of space as it has since 1960.

    While the center inspired the "Rocket City" nickname of its hometown, propulsion is only one of the many cutting-edge exploration and research projects going on at Marshall. The center uses its talented team members, extensive experience and state-of-the-art facilities to serve the interests of both science and exploration.

    The result? Increased understanding about our universe, ground-breaking scientific discoveries, improvements to life on Earth, and an improved ability to work and live in space.

Latest Marshall News

Perseids Create September Surprise

Observation of September Perseids

NASA astronomers record first-ever observed outburst of the September Perseids.

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Michoud Escapes Wrath of Gustav

Infrared image of Hurricane Gustav

NASA's Michoud Assembly Facility escaped major damage by Hurricane Gustav.

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A Clash of Clusters

MACSJ0025.41222, a cluster showing a clear separation between dark and ordinary matter.

A powerful collision of galaxy clusters is seen by Chandra and Hubble.

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More About Marshall

  • David King

    Director's Welcome

    Something exciting is happening this year at NASA -- we're celebrating 50 years of science and space exploration!

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  • Artist's concept of the Orion crew vehicle in lunar orbit

    Why Explore Space?

    By Michael Griffin, Administrator, National Aeronautics and Space Administration

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  • Artist concept of solar system

    Marshall Facts

    Marshall Space Flight Center is a key contributor to significant NASA programs, continuing a legacy of accomplishment.

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