Veterans Affairs National HIV/AIDS Program (Department of Veterans Affairs)
The nation’s largest provider of HIV/AIDS Care for patients and the public and health care providers.

Specific Resources from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Confidentiality and the VA Health Care System
Includes VA regulations on confidentiality and release of patient records, and ways to protect patient confidentiality.

Educational Materials from the Department of Veterans Affairs
This link provides educational resources such as posters, brochures and forms for both providers and patients.

HIV Testing and Counseling of VA Patients
Includes VA policy on confidential testing, informed consent, pre- and post-test counseling requirements, partner notification, and referral guidance.

Image Library
The Image Library contains images of clinical symptoms of HIV infection. Images can be downloaded, printed, archived, and distributed, free of charge, so long as appropriate credit is given to the original image contributors.

Testing and Counseling
A listing of testing and counseling resources and information outside of the VA system.

Treatment Decisions
This guide is designed to be clicked through one screen at a time - starting with "Before you start drug therapy." If you prefer to see the entire lesson on a single page, go to "Print entire lesson."

Last revised: 04/14/2008