Correctional Health – HIV/AIDS (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
A collection of resources gathered by the CDC pertinent to correctional communities and the transmission prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS.

Inmate Health Assistance (National Criminal Justice Reference System, DOJ)
Questions & Answers and Publications provided for inmates, which include information and statistics on HIV/AIDS in prisons.

HIV/AIDS - Prisoners/Prisons (National Library of Medicine, NIH)
Resources on prisoners and HIV/AIDS complied by the National Library of Medicine’s Specialized Information Services.

Management of HIV in Federal Inmates (PDF - 337KB) (Federal Bureau of Prisons)
The Bureau of Prisons (BOP) Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Management of HIV Infection provide guidance on the screening, evaluation, and treatment of Federal inmates with HIV infection, with a focus on primary care.

Prisoners – Communities at Risk (National Prevention Information Network, CDC)
This resource provides links to a variety of materials regarding prisoners and HIV/AIDS and associated opportunistic infections.

Last revised: 04/14/2008