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Ocean Station Papa

Technical Information

The Papa surface mooring was developed at the Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory (PMEL) for the harsh conditions of the North Pacific region. Special features of the Papa mooring that make it robust include:

  • 2.5 m discus buoy hull
  • jacketed 7/16" wire rope to ~700m
  • 2 sonic anemometers
Because currents are relatively weak at this site, the Papa mooring is taut-line with scope 0.985.
Currents at this site are monitored with several current meters and a nearby subsurface ADCP mooring.

As part of the global network of time series reference sites, the Ocean Station Papa mooring project office encourages wide use of the data and welcomes collaborations. In particular,
  • All data are freely available
  • Daily-averaged and spot measurements are telemetered to shore in near-realtime and made available within one day (see "Data")
  • A subset of the telemetered surface measurements are also made available in near-realtime through the GTS beginning June 2007
  • High resolution data are available in delay mode within 6 months of sensor recovery
  • Papa carries an extensive suite of surface and subsurface sensors to monitor air-sea interaction, mixed layer variations, carbon uptake and ocean acidification.


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