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Ocean Station Papa

Data from Ocean Station Papa Mooring at 50°N, 145°W

The Papa mooring is a taut-line mooring, thus the sensor depths do not vary significantly. For most purposes, the wire length can be used for the sensor depth.

In order to accomodate the present "in-line" version of the GTD-CTD-O2 package, subsurface telemetry is limited to the top 19m.

space Papa data in OceanSITES NetCDF format (OceanSITES Home):

space FTP site for PAPA data in ASCII and OceanSITES NetCDF format:
You can use the links below to browse files in the FTP site, login anonymously to and cd papadata, or write a script to download files automatically.
space ATLAS System Real-Time and Delayed-Mode Daily Average Data in ASCII Format:
Surface Met Wind Relative Humidity Solar and Longwave Radiation Rain Rate
Air Temp Sea Surface Temp Water Temp Ocean Current Salinity
Density (sigma-theta)
space ATLAS System Hourly Real-Time Data in ASCII Format:
Hourly Surface Meteorology
space FLEX System:
Hourly Winds Hourly Barometric Pressure
space Diagnostic/Engineering Data in ASCII Format:
Daily Positions Position Plot

 pCO2 Data

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