Basic Health and Nutrition Tips


AIDS and Pregnancy (National Library of Medicine - MedlinePlus, NIH)
Mother-to-child transmission is one of the major avenues of HIV transmission, but it can be prevented with proper treatment of both mother and child. This resource provides a listing of information compiled by the National Library of Medicine.

Diet and Disease – HIV/AIDS (National Agricultural Library, USDA)
This resource compiled by the National Agricultural Library provides health, nutrition, and exercise information for individuals living with HIV/AIDS to help them cope with maintaining their health. The resource is organized into the following categories:

Food Safety for Persons with AIDS (Food Safety and Inspection Service, USDA)
Persons living with AIDS are susceptible to many types of illness from foodborne pathogens. This resource provides recommendations to help prevent bacterial foodborne illness for people with suppressed immune systems.

HIV and the Flu (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
Because influenza can result in serious illness, people living with HIV are recommended for vaccination. This fact sheet provides questions & answers to guide both the administration of flu shots and antiviral medications in people with HIV/AIDS for healthcare providers.

Living with AIDS (Medline Plus, NIH)
This resource, compiled by the National Library of Medicine, provides a list of information to help people living with HIV/AIDS stay healthy. Links are organized by topics, which include nutrition, coping, and disease management among basic HIV/AIDS overviews, latest HIV/AIDS news and others.

Living with HIV/AIDS (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
This booklet is for people who are infected with HIV and for their friends and families, and provides guidance to help individuals live with HIV and stay healthy.

Recommended Immunizations for HIV Positive Adults (PDF - 53.34 KB) (AIDSinfo)
Prevention of opportunistic infections is important for those living with HIV/AIDS. This resource lists immunizations recommended for all people living with HIV/AIDS, those immunizations that are only recommended for select individuals, and those immunizations not recommended for anyone living with HIV/AIDS.

Safe Food and Water (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
This brochure provides basic food and water safety information for persons living with HIV/AIDS, in how to prepare food and what food and water sources to avoid. By taking proper precautions, people living with HIV/AIDS can avoid the heightened effects of food and waterborne illnesses. This brochure is one in the Opportunistic Infections Series.

Seeing an HIV Doctor (AIDSinfo)
This fact sheet explains what discussions an individual can expect to have with a doctor to manage HIV and begin to make treatment decisions to maintain a longer, healthier life. En español

Starting Anti-HIV Medications (AIDSinfo)
This fact sheet explains the process for when a doctor may begin a patient living with HIV on medications. A treatment regimen may not be the first course of action a doctor will suggest after an individual receives a positive diagnosis. En español

Last revised: 05/23/2008