Executive Memorandum

DisabilityInfo.gov was created in response to an August 28, 2002 Executive Memorandum issued by President George W. Bush that directed Federal agencies to work together to develop a comprehensive Web site for people with disabilities as part of the New Freedom Initiative.

As part of the New Freedom Initiative, DisabilityInfo.gov supports the initiative's goals to increase access to assistive technology, expand educational opportunities, integrate Americans with disabilities into the workforce and promote full access to community life.

This site fills a serious informational gap facing individuals with disabilities - the lack of a single, comprehensive Web portal to access information and resources on disability-related issues. Most importantly, DisabilityInfo.gov offers people with disabilities the information they need to pursue their personal and professional ambitions, delivering on America's promise of equal opportunity for all citizens.

Click here to read the full text of the Executive Memorandum.

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