Papa National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory NOAA
Ocean Station Papa


Mooring Participants
Dr Steve Emerson (University of Washington): Gas Tension Devices, CTD,   O2 sensors, pH sensor
Dr Chris Sabine
(NOAA PMEL): air-sea pCO2 flux
Dr Meghan Cronin
(NOAA PMEL): meteorological sensors, T&S, current   meters, subsurface ADCP mooring
Dr. Ricardo Letelier
(OSU): fluorometers, in-water 7-wavelength   radiometer
Dr. Matthew Alford
(University of Washington / APL): Long Ranger ADCP,   T&S on subsurface ADCP mooring
Dr Jeff Nystuen
(University of Washington / APL): Passive Aquatic   Listener

UW "North Pacific Carbon Cycle" project

DFO P-line Program

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