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Ocean Station Papa

As one of the oldest oceanic time series sites, Ocean Station Papa (50°N, 145°W) is a critical site in the global network of OceanSITES time series reference sites. Through support from the US NSF and NOAA and in collaboration with the Canadian DFO Line P Program, a surface mooring was deployed in June 2007 at Ocean Station Papa to monitor ocean-atmosphere interactions, carbon uptake, and ocean acidification.

Press Releases and News

PMEL lead: Dr Meghan Cronin
Lead Engineer: Christian Meinig

Mooring Participants
Dr. Steve Emerson (University of Washington): Gas Tension   Devices, CTD, O2 sensors, pH sensor
Dr. Chris Sabine (NOAA PMEL): air-sea pCO2 flux
Dr. Meghan Cronin (NOAA PMEL): meteorological sensors,   T&S, current meters, subsurface ADCP mooring
Dr. Ricardo Letelier (OSU): fluorometers, in-water
  7-wavelength radiometer
Dr. Matthew Alford (University of Washington / APL): Long   Ranger ADCP, T&S on subsurface ADCP mooring
Dr. Jeff Nystuen (University of Washington / APL): Passive   Aquatic Listener

The Ocean Climate Station Papa surface mooring is funded through a National Science Foundation Carbon and Water in the Earth System project "North Pacific Carbon Cycle" to Dr Emerson (UW). NOAA support is provided through the Office of Ocean and Atmospheric Research. The mooring deployment and servicing will occur in collaboration with the Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Pacific Region, Line-P Program aboard the CCGS John P.Tully.

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