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National Cancer Institute, Cancer Prevention Fellowship Program
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2008 Application Catalog

Program Description

Leadership and Professional Development Training

The foundation for success in the field of cancer prevention is based on leadership skills, professional excellence, and mastery of one’s scientific discipline. Within the CPFP, our goal is to help fellows maximize their individual potential for leadership and scientific contribution to the field of cancer prevention through a series of professional development activities. These activities are designed to prepare individuals for the transition from postdoctoral fellows to successful, independent scientists and professionals in cancer prevention.

We have organized the professional development activities to address the needs of fellows at the beginning, the middle, and the end of the fellowship. At the beginning, once fellows have completed their master’s program, activities focus on identifying the best research experiences and on learning successful approaches to securing such opportunities. Other activities include designing a personal plan for productivity and time management. For those who are mid-way through the fellowship, activities focus on methods to enrich their training experience further, through learning how to design a long-term independent research agenda and by developing “professional polish.” To help those approaching the end of the program, activities prepare fellows for attaining their first position in the field of cancer prevention. Fellows learn where to find jobs in cancer prevention and control and how to prepare applications for such positions.

To meet the individual needs of fellows, professional development activities consist of structured workshops, seminars, and personal meetings, including:

  • Interviewing and Negotiating
  • Networking and Effective Communication
  • Presentation Skills Workshop
  • Scientific Writing
  • Setting Goals, Planning Priorities, and Managing Time

In addition, new activities are being developed to further expand the portfolio of professional development training.

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