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National Cancer Institute, Cancer Prevention Fellowship Program
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2008 Application Catalog

Guidelines for Application

Application Materials

The following application materials are required, as described below:

  • Personal statement of research goals
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Four letters of reference
  • Academic transcripts
  • Other documentation

Personal Statement of Research Goals. In narrative form, describe your research interests and goals and how these relate to the field of cancer prevention and control. Please also provide insight into your short- and long-term career goals, and explain how the CPFP will help you in achieving those goals. Limit your personal statement to two typed, single-spaced pages and use 12-point font and 1” margins (approximately 1,000 words).

Curriculum Vitae. Please refer to Information to Include in Curriculum Vitae in this section.

Letters of Reference. Four current and original letters of reference must be sent directly to the director of the CPFP by individuals in the scientific/academic community who have knowledge of your scientific accomplishments, motivation, and skills. Letters should be addressed to the Acting Program Director, Dr. Jonathan S. Wiest; typewritten on official letterhead; written in English; and contain an original signature. A faxed copy is acceptable provided that the original letter is sent by mail and postmarked on or before September 1, 2007. Photocopies and electronic copies are not acceptable.

Academic Transcripts. Copies of all graduate and undergraduate transcripts (and/or translations, if applicable) must be submitted directly to the director of the CPFP, Dr. Jonathan S. Wiest.

Other Documentation. Permanent residents of the United States must submit proof of eligibility for citizenship. The I-551 stamp in a passport is acceptable; “Employment Authorization” documents are not acceptable.

Individuals applying through the Ireland-Northern Ireland-NCI Cancer Consortium must submit proof of citizenship (birth certificate or passport) and proof of employment (refer to Ireland-Northern Ireland-NCI Cancer Consortium section).

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