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    NASA Team Builds Composite Space Capsule with Future in Mind

    Technicians prepare the Composite Crew Module for autoclave curing.

    Technicians at the ATK facility in Iuka, Miss., prepare the Composite Crew Module for autoclave curing.

    One NASA team believes future space capsules may be made with advanced composite materials, the stuff race cars, sailboats, and high-end sports equipment are made of today. Composites look attractive because they are tough and lightweight, and can be formed into complex shapes that may be more structurally efficient.

    That’s why the NASA Engineering and Safety Center (NESC) established a team of structures experts to gain experience in using composites and suggest an alternative approach for future spacecraft designers.

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NASA Tests Lunar Robots and Spacesuits

Testing at Moses Lake

NASA robotic vehicles and their developers braved sand storms and unprecedented temperature swings on sweeping dunes near Moses Lake, Washington to prepare for future lunar expeditions.

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NASA-ESA Comparative Architecture Study

NASA-ESA Comparative Architecture Study

Findings from this study include a significant mutual interest in the potential development of lunar cargo landing systems, communication and navigation systems, lunar orbital infrastructures, and lun...

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Lunar Robotic Manipulator Passes Early Test

The Lunar Surface Manipulation System (LSMS)

A NASA team traveled to the lunar-like landscape at Moses Lake, Wash., to figure out what it will take to live and work on the lunar surface.

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NASA Eyes Lunar Landing Site

lunar surface

NASA has obtained the highest resolution terrain mapping to date of the moon's rugged south polar region, with a resolution to 20 meters per pixel.

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NASA Takes Off-Roading Off Planet

Lunar truck

In a car commercial, it would sound odd: active suspension, six-wheel drive with independent steering for each wheel, no doors, no windows, no seats and the only color it comes in is gold.

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