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Here's Something To Think About...

Remember to review your plan regularly, update contact information and check the supplies in your kit to be sure nothing has expired, spoiled or changed.

Local Information


Contact Information

Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Management
P.O. Box 5750
Ft. Richardson, AK 99505
(907) 428-7000

Citizen Corps

Get Involved in Preparing your Community. Citizen Corps, Homeland Security's grassroots effort, localizes preparedness messages and provides opportunities for citizens to get emergency response training; participate in community exercises; and volunteer to support local first responders. To learn more and to get involved, contact your nearest Citizen Corps Council by visiting

Alaska Citizen Corps
PO Box 5750
Fort Richardson, AK 99505
(907) 428-7000

State and local government officials interested in changing the information on their state's page should email: