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Flow Cytometry

Core Facilities

The Flow Cytometry Center provides state of the art instrumentation and resources for fluorescent analysis of cells at the single cell level, including high-speed fluorescence-activated cell sorting. It also provides the following services:

  • Training in both the operation and theory behind flow cytometry
  • Assistance in experimental design and data analysis
  • Sorting

Animation of Flow Cytometer: Cells stained with various fluorescent markers or dyes pass single file by a set of lasers where the cells of interest are specifically selected and sorted or isolated into individual tubes for further biochemical analysis. Get Adobe Flash Player Exit NIEHS

The Center's goal is to provide expertise in flow cytometry in the areas of experimental design, instrument knowledge and training, and data analysis. The Center’s aim is to support the mission of NIEHS by providing the latest advances in flow cytometric technology to the Institute for reducing the burden of diseases and dysfunctions associated with the environment.

The Flow Cytometry Center is located at 111 Alexander Drive, Building 101, Room F360, Research Triangle Park, NC USA 27709.

Scientific Staff

Carl Bortner, Ph.D. (

Tel (919) 541-7535

Maria Sifre, M.S. (

Tel (919) 541-2165

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