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Protein Microcharacterization

Core Facilities


The mission of the Protein Microcharacterization Core Facility (PMCF) is to provide state-of-the-art mass spectrometry support to research projects of the Division of Intramural Research. The abilities of the PMCF include, but are not limited to, protein identification, molecular weight determination, and characterization of post-translational protein modifications. The Facility also supports the intramural research and training program by providing education and consultation to developing scientists.

Protein Microcharacterization Core Facility. DNA graphic for Molecular Weight Determination, Protein identification diagram, molecular structure diagram of Post-Translational Modifications, and line graph.
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Samples can be submitted to the Protein Microcharacterization Core Facility at room F0-12. F0-12 has a BioRad Fluor-S Imager for gel documentation prior to sample submission. Please contact the facility staff ( to arrange sample drop-off.

Target Users

The PMCF is intended as a core resource for the intramural NIEHS DIR research community. Samples may on occasion be accepted from external NIEHS DIR research collaborators. The PMCF is an internal NIEHS support unit and is not a fee-for-service facility.

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