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seismic reflection profile

World Data Center for Geophysics & Marine Geology, Boulder

Marine Seismic Reflection

Geophysical surveying provides a relatively rapid and cost-effective means of deriving regionally distributed information on subsurface geology. The unique properties of seismic reflection allow the direct application of geologic concepts based on physical stratigraphy. NGDC maintains a large volume of both Analog and Digital seismic reflection data.

Currently only a limited number of lines are available online. Digital data include SEGY files and scanned images of the full-scale section as well as shot point navigation. Additional Digital seismic reflection data are available on request and can be searched for (along with other underway geophysical data) using GEODAS.

Analog data are available on microfilm or as either paper/Mylar full-scale sections.

A search for seismic reflection data using GEODAS will determine what data exist in a region. However, to obtain data as a result of this search please contact NGDC , 303-497-6338.