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Faculty Disclosure (As of 1/21/00)

It is the policy of the American College of Preventive Medicine, as an ACCME-accredited provider of continuing medical education, to disclose to the audience the relationship between the speakers and the proprietary entities which provide support to the conference or are discussed within the context of a presentation. The following faculty have indicated that they have a relationship to disclose relating to the subject matter of their presentation or one or more of the corporate and foundation sponsors of Partnerships for Health in the New Millennium: Launching Healthy People 2010. 

  • Tracey Adams 

  • Albert Behar 

  • Susan Brink 

  • Evelyn L. Brooks 

  • Ellen Ceppetelli 

  • Jeff Hall 

  • Charles Hendrix 

  • David Hunnicut 

  • Albert Jerome 

  • Nicole Johnson 

  • Jerry M. Kaiser 

  • James Kaus 

  • Carol Koffinke 

  • Sue Lachenmayr 

  • Bruce Lambert 

  • Danielle Landis 

  • Thelma Leaffer 

  • George Lundberg 

  • Mary Metcalf 

  • Michael Myers 

  • Constance Otteni 

  • Jerry Phillips 

  • Richelle Rennegarbe 

  • Michael Rozen 

  • Frank Ruderman 

  • Eleanor Vogt

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Partnerships for Health in the New Millennium          January 24-28, 2000         Omni Shoreham Hotel, Washington, DC

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