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Sometimes, exposure to new resources (like the richness of the American Memory collections) and ideas leads to a rethinking or a deeper understanding of the teaching and learning process. Do you think other educators around the world would benefit from your new or evolved understanding about the art of teaching or librarianship? You can contribute your expertise here.

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Virtual Americana: The Novice in the American Memory Archives
Lehigh professors collaborate to develop assignments that could not readily be completed using traditional class materials to guide their students through the 7 million item American Memory collection and make the events, in one student's words, become “real in a way that a textbook or a teacher lecture could never have done.”
April 06, 2004
Evolution of a School Library
Jennifer Schwelik’s experiences as an American Memory Fellow motivated her to rethink the role of her school’s library; she reflects on the process in this feature article.
November 20, 2002
Using an Adams Photograph of Manzanar as a Primary Source
Historian and educator Laura Mitchell models the careful analysis of Ansel Adams’ photograph of the maternity ward at Manzanar’s hospital.
April 01, 2002
Evaluating Historical Sources
Historian and educator James Giese reminds us to consider issues of reliability, bias, and accuracy as we teach students to use primary sources.
February 01, 2002
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