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National Advisory Environmental Health Sciences Council

The National Advisory Environmental Health Sciences Council (NAEHSC) is a Congressionally mandated body that advises the secretary of HHS, the director of NIH, and the director of the NIEHS on matters relating to the direction of research, research support, training, and career development supported by the NIEHS. An important function of the council is secondary review of research grant applications with a focus on NIEHS scientific program priorities and program balsance. Membership of the NAEHSC consists of ex officio members and 18 leaders in the fundamental sciences, medical sciences, education, and public affairs. One-third of the council must be public members. The council meets three times a year: Winter, Spring, and Fall.

Photograph of the National Advisory Environmental Health Sciences Council

NAEHSC Members: (back row, left to right) Peter Spencer(, Martin Philbert(, Kevin Stephens, David Christiani(, John Essigman(, Altaf Wani(, Daniel Liebler(, James Neville(, Samuel Wilson, Bruce Freeman(, (front row, left to right) Kathleen Dixon(, Joseph Graziano(, Teresa Bowers(, Dennis Lang(, David Schwartz(, Lisa Greenhill(, Stefani Hines(, Peter Thorne (retired), David Losee(

  • NAEHSC Members(http://www./about/orgstructure/boards/naehsc/roster.cfm)
  • Upcoming Meetings and Agendas:
    • May 29-30, 2008
      • Agenda (  Download Adobe Reader (20KB)
    • September 9-10, 2008
      • Agenda (  Download Adobe Reader (19 KB)
    • February 17-18, 2009

  • Meeting Minutes:
    • February 2008 (  Download Adobe Reader (182KB)
    • September 2007 (  Download Adobe Reader (129KB)
    • May 2007 (  Download Adobe Reader (1.1MB)
    • February 2007 (  Download Adobe Reader (410KB)
    • September 2006 (  Download Adobe Reader (48KB)
    • June 2006 (  Download Adobe Reader (424KB)
    • February 2006 (  Download Adobe Reader (77KB)

NAEHSC Contacts

Dennis Lang, Ph.D.
Executive Secretary
Interim Director, Division of Extramural Research and Training
P.O. Box 12233, EC-20
Research Triangle Park, North Carolina 27709

Michelle Owens
NAEHSC Assistant
Tel (919) 541-0132

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