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The United States has the strongest, deepest and most liquid capital markets in the world. As markets around the world strive to reach the U.S. standard of excellence, we must not take our position of leadership for granted. Secretary Paulson believes in promoting healthy capital markets that protect investors while encouraging innovation and job creation.


Mortgage Financing

09/07/2008 Paulson Statement on Treasury and FHFA Action to Protect Financial Markets and Taxpayers
07/28/2008 Treasury Releases Best Practices to Encourage Additional Form of Mortgage Finance
07/28/2008 Paulson Remarks on Covered Bonds
07/21/2008 Acting Under Sec Ryan Remarks on Effective Capital Markets and Market Discipline
07/08/2008 Paulson Remarks on U.S. Housing Market before FDIC's Forum on Mortgage Lending
06/24/2008 Asst Sec Ryan Remarks at Euromoney's Global Borrowers Investors Forum
06/17/2008 Under Sec Steel Statement on HOPE NOW Guidelines to Speed Help
05/28/2008 Under Sec Steel Remarks on Subprime Lending and Financial Literacy
05/20/2008 Paulson Statement on Senate Housing Legislation
04/03/2008 Under Sec Steel Testimony before Senate Banking Committee
03/27/2008 Treasurer Remarks Before National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals
03/26/2008 Paulson Remarks on Current Financial and Housing Markets
03/24/2008 Paulson Statement on Federal Housing Finance Board Action
03/19/2008 Paulson Statement on GSE, OFHEO Agreement to Inject Liquidity into Mortgage Markets
03/03/2008 Paulson Remarks Before the National Association of Business Economists
02/28/2008 Paulson Comments on Economy and Housing
02/19/2008 Paulson Statement on HOPE NOW Adoption of Project Lifeline
02/12/2008 Paulson Statement on New Private Sector Effort to Reach Homeowners Facing Foreclosure
02/05/2008 Under Sec Steel Remarks on Housing before the American Securitization Forum
01/30/2008 Under Sec Steel Senate Testimony on Housing
01/18/2008 Paulson Statement on HOPE NOW Progress Report
12/18/2007 Paulson Remarks on Housing at Kansas City Town Hall Meeting
12/18/2007 Treasury Statement on Fed Rules to Improve Mortgage Oversight
12/17/2007 Paulson Remarks at Housing Townhall Meeting in Orlando
12/06/2007 Paulson Statement on Announcement of Framework to Help Prevent Foreclosures
12/03/2007 Paulson Remarks on Actions Taken, Actions Needed in Mortgage Markets
11/30/2007 Treasurer Remarks on Mortgage Financing
11/27/2007 Treasurer to Offer Mortgage Financing Advice in Atlanta
11/19/2007 Under Sec Steel Remarks at Housing Townhall Forum
11/02/2007 Under Sec Steel Testimony on Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention
10/31/2007 Paulson Remarks Following HOPE Meeting
10/16/2007 Paulson Remarks on Current Housing and Mortgage Market Developments
10/10/2007 Paulson Statement on Announcement of New Private Sector Alliance - HOPE NOW
09/19/2007 Paulson House Testimony on Mortgage Finance
09/17/2007 IRS Creates Web Page to Help Homeowners Facing Tax Bills from Forgiven Mortgage Debt
09/05/2007 Under Sec Steel Testifies on Credit and Mortgage Markets
09/01/2007 President Bush’s Radio Address on Mortgage Finance
08/31/2007 President Bush’s Remarks on Mortgage Finance
08/31/2007 Fact Sheet: New Steps to Help Homeowners Avoid Foreclosure

Capital Markets Competitiveness

07/16/2008 Paulson Statement on Industry Disclosure Initiative
07/07/2008 Paulson Statement on SEC, Federal Reserve Memorandum of Understanding
07/02/2008 Paulson Remarks on U.S., World Economy & Markets Before Chatham House
05/01/2008 Asst Sec Ryan Remarks at SIFMA Wall Street to Washington Conference
04/15/2008 PWG Private-Sector Committees Release Best Practices for Hedge Fund Participants
04/15/2008 Paulson Opening Remarks at Release of PWG Private Sector Committees’ Best Practices
04/14/2008 PWG Hedge Fund Committees Release Industry Best Practices
04/09/2008 Treasury Releases Financial Restatements Study
03/19/2008 Asst Sec Ryan Remarks Before Exchequer Club
03/16/2008 Statement by Treasury Secretary Paulson
03/14/2008 Statement by Treasury Secretary Paulson
03/13/2008 Paulson Remarks on Recommendations from the PWG
03/13/2008 President’s Working Group Issues Policy Statement to Improve Future State of Financial Markets
03/12/2008 Paulson to Speak on Financial Markets
12/05/2007 Nason to Discuss U.S. Capital Markets Competitiveness in London
11/13/2007 Under Sec Steel Remarks on Financial Regulation and Capital Markets Competitiveness
10/20/2007 Under Sec Steel Remarks on Financial Regulation, Market Conditions
10/19/2007 Treasury Selects Professor for Competitiveness Study on Financial Restatements
10/17/2007 Asst Sec Nason Remarks on Financial Regulation 
10/15/2007 Under Sec Steel Remarks Before the Advisory Committee on the Auditing Profession
10/12/2007 Auditing Committee to Host First Public Meeting
10//11/2007 Treasury Requests Public Input on Regulatory Blueprint
10/09/2007 Asst Sec Nason Remarks on Capital Markets Competitiveness, Insurance Regulation
10/02/2007 Paulson Remarks on Advisory Committee on the Auditing Profession 
10/02/2007 Paulson Announces Auditing Committee Members
09/26/2007 Asst Sec Ryan Remarks on Financial Innovation
07/20/2007 Under Sec Steel Statement on Basel II Resolution
06/27/2007 Next Steps of Capital Markets Competitiveness Plan
06/19/2007 Treasury Seeks Nominations on Accounting Committee
05/24/2007 Under Sec Steel Statement on 404 Action
05/17/2007 First Stage of Treasury Capital Markets Competitiveness Action Plan
05/17/2007 Paulson OpEd on Financial Reporting
05/17/2007 Under Sec Steel Remarks on Capital Markets Action Plan
03/09/2007 Treasury Capital Markets Conference Schedule
03/13/2007 Paulson Opening Remarks at Treasury Conference
11/20/2006 Paulson November 2006 Speech on Capital Markets Competitiveness

Hedge Funds / Private Pools of Capital

06/23/2008 Under Sec Steel Keynote Address at Managed Funds Association
03/10/2008 Asst Sec Ryan Remarks Before the National Association of State Treasurers
09/25/2007 PWG Announces Private Sector Groups for Private Pools of Capital
09/17/2007 Asst Sec Ryan Remarks before SIFMA Asset Managers
07/11/2007 Under Sec Steel Testimony on Hedge Fund Oversight
03/06/2007 Asst Sec Ryan Speech on Hedge Funds - Greenwich, CT
02/27/2007 Under Sec Steel Remarks on Principles and Guidelines for Private Pools of Capital
02/22/2007 President’s Working Group Agreement on Principles and Guidelines for Private Pools of Capital

Government Sponsored Enterprise Reform

09/19/2007 Paulson House Testimony on Mortgage Finance
05/22/2007 Under Sec Steel Statement on House Committee Passage of GSE Reform Bill
05/17/2007 Under Sec Steel Testimony on GSE Reform Before House Financial Services Committee
06/26/2007 Asst Sec Henry Speech on Risks Posed by the GSEs

Debt Management

03/21/2008 Treasury Broadens Savings Opportunities for More Investors
09/24/2007 Asst Sec Ryan Remarks on Treasury Debt Management

Last Updated: September 10, 2008

Photo: Anthony Ryan

"We embrace competition and the efficiency it brings to our markets. Competition is a force that is critically important in our capital markets. Competition spurs innovation. As market participants seek better ways to meet consumer and investor demands, more choices are created, and the cost of capital is reduced."
- Acting Under Secretary for Domestic Finance Anthony Ryan

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