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NOAA Fisheries
Office of Protected Resources
Acropora palmata thicket on Mona Island, Puerto Rico. Andy Bruckner, 1996Coho salmon painting, Canadian Dept of Fisheries and OceansMonk seal, C.E. BowlbyHumpback whale, Dr. Lou Herman
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About the Office of Protected Resources

  hawksbill turtle underwater
Hawksbill Turtle
(Eretmochelys imbricata)
Photo: Johan Chevalier

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The Office of Protected Resources (OPR) is a headquarters program office of NOAA's National Marine Fisheries Service (NOAA Fisheries Service), under the U.S. Department of Commerce.

The office provides oversight and guidance on the conservation of marine mammals, endangered species, and their habitats in cooperation with our Regional Offices, Science Centers, and various partners.

The Office of Protected Resources has four divisions:

Permits, Conservation, & Education Division
Implements policies and regulations for issuance of permits and authorizations under the Marine Mammal Protection Act and the Endangered Species Act.

Marine Mammal & Sea Turtle Conservation Division
Develops policies and regulations to conserve marine mammals by implementing the requirements and provisions of the Marine Mammal Protection Act and to protect sea turtles under the Endangered Species Act.

Endangered Species Division
Develops policies and regulations to implement the provisions of the Endangered Species Act with the goal of protecting and recovering endangered and threatened marine and anadromous species and their habitats.

Planning and Program Coordination Division
Provides guidance and support to the Office on budget, strategic planning, personnel management, information technology, and education.

Office of Protected Resources
National Marine Fisheries Service
1315 East-West Highway, 13th Floor
Silver Spring, MD 20910
Phone: 301-713-2332
Fax: 301-713-0376

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