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Disability Starter Kits

Child Disability Starter Kit

Adult Disability Starter Kit

  • Checklist: PDF Icon
    “Checklist - Adult Disability Interview.”

    This is a checklist of information and documents to have ready for your disability interview or when you complete the online Disability Report.

    Text version of the Adult Checklist

  • Worksheet: PDF Icon
    “Medical and Job Worksheet – Adult.”

    The worksheet can help you prepare for your disability interview. It lists information that we will ask you and provides space to write down this information. We will ask for this information during your disability interview.

    Or, you can complete the Adult Disability Report at: You can print the Adult Disability Report a page at a time as you complete it, or you can print a summary of the report when you are finished.

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Last reviewed or modified Monday Jan 14, 2008
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