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NOAA Vents Program Geology/Geophysics Video clips from the seafloor

This page contains links to video highlights from NOAA VENTS research activities, including dives with the submersible Alvin and the remotely operated vehicle ROPOS, as well as earthquake swarm animations. Most of the video clips are in MPEG format.

Our most recent expeditions have been to the Marianas Arc system in the western Pacific Ocean. A collection of video, fly-through animations and virtual realities can be found at:

Multimedia page: Ocean Explorer Return to the Mariana Arc 2004

Much of our recent work has been focused on the NeMO Project at Axial seamount an active volcano 300 miles off the Oregon coast where an eruption occurred in January 1998. Check out the following pages with thumbnails of great video clips:

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Underwater lava flow (footage from the movie "Pele Meets the Sea" courtesy of Richard Pyle) See 'Other research areas'.

Video highlights from the NeMO 2001 expedition to Axial Volcano.

Video highlights from the NeMO 2000 expedition to Axial Volcano.

Video highlights from the NeMO 1999 expedition to Axial Volcano.

Video highlights from the NeMO 1998 expedition to Axial Volcano.

Video highlights from Other research areas on the Juan de Fuca and Gorda Ridges, plus footage of an active lava flow underwater.

Also check out the NeMO Explorer site that has virtual seafloor landscapes, fly-through movies, panoramas, and video clips.

A video tape of some of the dive footage from the "Other research areas" page is available through the NOAA Public Affairs Office. Note there are no clips from NeMO on this tape. To order copies of this video tape in any format (BETA=$60; VHS=$29), call the Video Transfer office at 301-881-0270. The tape runs about 20 minutes. Ask for the "Hydrothermal Vents Research Video Highlights", and be sure to ask for the information sheet that goes with the tape to explain each of the shots.
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