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RPMS Electronic Health Records title banner

Patient Information Management System (PIMS)

Patient Information Management System (PIMS) is a suite of software consisting of four main components:
  • The Admission/Discharge/Transfer (ADT) application includes:
    • Basic bed control functions (admissions, transfers, discharges)
    • Day Surgeries
    • Inpatient listings and reports
    • Census calculation and reporting
    • Incomplete chart tracking, and
    • Scheduled visits (admissions, day surgeries, outpatient visits from outside the area).

  • The Clinic Scheduling application provides:
    • Outpatient appointment management;
    • Tracking patients on waiting lists
    • File Room activities - pulling paper charts for appointments, walk-ins and chart requests;
    • Various reports on clinic capacity and workload.

  • The Sensitive Patient Tracking (SPT) module allows a facility to track access to patient records, either those designated as sensitive or all records. Accessing sensitive records warn users that they are accessing a restricted record. Non-sensitive records can be tracked with no warning to computer users. The software tracks which menu option the user was executing when he/she selected a patient along with date and time.

  • The Patient Record Flag module (new in patch 1007), is used to alert medical staff and employees of patients whose behavior and characteristics may pose a threat either to their safety, the safety of other patients, or compromise the delivery of quality health care. These flag assignments are displayed during the patient look-up process.

Learn About PIMS

Implementing PIMS at your site

Most IHS and Tribal facilities using RPMS will want to implement PIMS. If your site would like to initiate this process, completion of a site profile [DOC-54KB] will help with assessment of your readiness for PIMS. We recommend that you contact your Area Office for assistance in implementing PIMS.

For user support following PIMS implementation, contact the OIT Help Desk (505-248-4371). Help Desk staff will assist you in resolving the problem, or will refer you to a PIMS user support specialist.

To recommend changes or enhancement to the PIMS application, please enter your request on the RPMS Feedback page.

PIMS PSG Chairpersons: Pat Gowan (602-364-5172) and Jan Chase (520-295-2477).

This file last modified: Wednesday October 24, 2007  12:36 PM