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Health Topics -- information on conditions, diseases and wellness
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Interactive Health Tutorials – over 165 slideshows with sound and pictures
Easy-to-Read – Health information in plain language
Low-Vision – for Low Vision Users
Health Check Tools – quizzes, calculators, self-assessments, and decision guides to check your knowledge and health status
Drug Information – prescription and over-the-counter medicines
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Herbs and Supplements – evidence-based information about herbs and supplements
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Medical Encyclopedia - includes pictures and diagrams
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Dictionary – Look up spellings and definitions of medical words
News – health news from the last 30 days (Health News arranged by health topic)
Surgery Videos – links to pre-recorded webcasts of surgical procedures
Directories – find doctors, dentists and hospitals
Other Resources
Go Local – A service for finding local resources for health-related issues
Libraries – Consumer health libraries providing services to local residents
Organizations -- A collection of organizations providing health information
Government health sites from other nationsNHS Direct (UK), Canadian Health Network (Canada) and HealthInsite (Australia)
Databases – Resources beyond MedlinePlus covering special topics and collections
MEDLINE/PubMed – search for journal articles and abstracts on your topic
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