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Solar-Terrestrial Energy Program (STEP) Project 6.4

STEP Project 6.4 was established in July 1991 to set up an on-line, global-coverage, ground-based, one-minute magnetometer data base and to identify geographical areas that need increased coverage. The project was directed by an international team which includes representatives from the United States, Japan, Europe, Canada, and Russia. Data for this project are contributed by the national bodies operating the magnetic observatories in each country.

The long-range objective of Project 6.4 is to establish a data base with the following attributes:

  • 1-minute data from approximately 100 worldwide sites.
  • Variations and standard observatory data.
  • Time coverage for 1990-1997.
  • 1-year on-line capacity.
  • Standard indices, including AE, Kp, Dst, and PC.
  • Related theory and modeling products.
  • Data availability on-line within one year from the end of the year of acquisitions.

The long-range services anticipated for Project 6.4 include the following:

  • Connectivity to other STEP data bases (e.g., Coupling, Energetics, and Dynamics of Atmospheric Regions [CEDAR], Geospace Environment Modeling [GEM], and Global Geospace Science [GGS]).
  • On-line catalog and metadata.
  • Interactive graphics display capability.
  • On-line file transfer for small data sets.
  • Off-line data distribution using a variety of physical media.

In an effort to achieve these goals NGDC is offering online access to the STEP one-minute geomagnetic data. You can select any of 18 areas globally for ftp access.

Alternatively, you can order the STEP CD-ROMs for off-line access on your desktop. A description of the CDs is available. NGDC is pleased to offer the STEP CD-ROMs in support of project 6.4. It covers the years 1990-1991 on a two disk set and 1993 on a single CD-ROM. It has over 700 Mb of 1.0 minute magnetometer data included.

For information on how to order.