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Licensing of Commercial Remote Sensing Satellite Systems

Welcome to NOAA's Web Site on the Licensing of Commercial Remote Sensing Satellite Systems. This Web Site is intended to provide U.S. laws, regulations, policies, and related information pertaining to the operation of commercial remote sensing satellite systems.

Pursuant to the 1992 Land Remote Sensing Policy Act and Administration policy on foreign access to remote sensing space capabilities, responsibilities have been delegated from the Secretary of Commerce to the Assistant Administrator for NOAA Satellite and Information Services (NOAA/NESDIS) for the licensing of companies to operate private space-based remote sensing systems.

NOAA/NESDIS encourages consultation meetings with potential applicants before a license application is submitted. These meetings will be informal and are not considered part of the agency record of an application.

For questions, additional information, or to arrange for a pre-application consultation, please contact Kay Weston, Chief of the Satellite Activities Branch, at (301) 713-2024 x205 or by e-mail at NOAA.CRSL@noaa.gov

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